Posted on April 7th, 2016

After many hikes in the alps, I found some.
These flowers are  rare, protected and symbols of the alps. I was already on my way to the cable car down to the valley, when I found them at the side of the trail. It was a nice last view of this hike with so many beautiful impressions.
But probably these edelweiss was not grown by nature, but rather plantet by man. Well who cares, it was anyway a nice surprise to me.



Posted on März 31st, 2016

And then the cloud was covering the sky.
What an intense mood, the sun was covered now, but the sunrays were still visible in the air. The only thing I can say now is; enjoy it!


Wind, sun and clouds

Posted on März 28th, 2016

More and more are the clouds covering the sky.
But the sun still sends  their rays towards me and it’s clear no more long and sun will be hide behind the thick rain clouds. Look how golden the sun is lightning the grass and the moisty air. Even the underneath of the clouds have a golden touch.
Who says a cloudless sunrise is the best you can have? Nope, the best is a cloudy sky with a small hole for the sun and the colors are shiny!


Dark clouds in the sky

Posted on März 25th, 2016

After a clear night, dark clouds are covering the sky.
More and more was it clear, the weather forecast was right and rainy weather is on the way. But this time the clouds were very welcome. Cause, look that moody lightning we become. And with the time the scenery was looking better and better. But for now, let us enjoy this image first.
And tomorrow, something special is planned. Mr. Fear will sleep only with a sleeping bag directly in the snow up on 2600m on a peek in the alps. Either I’m a pantywaist and shivering the whole night, or we will get some very impressive images of a sunset, night and the following sunrise :) Or with other words – Just Do It!


The first sunrays

Posted on März 21st, 2016

After the sun has passed the clouds at the horizon, the light was touching my lens.
Uh oh, how the time is running, it’s a long time ago since my last article. There is so much to do in my primary job and so flows the time away.
But anyhow, back to the mountains, after a breeze of alpine glow, the sun was visible after she crossed the clouds and I became this beautiful hazy image of all the staggerd mountains. Isn’t this a peaceful, moody image of the the foothills of the alps?


Alone in the dark – part 11

Posted on März 5th, 2016

Sitting alone on a bench and enjoying the alpenglow.
It was not that intense, because of the clouds on the eastern horizon, but it was visible at the mighty 4000s of the Bernese Alps. You can see the Wetterhorn, the Schreckhorn, the Fisnteraarhorn and Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau. Maybe some jobs to do :)
And I was lucky there are some clouds, not too many and not cloudless, so we have all these beautiful colors on the image.


Alone in the dark – part 10

Posted on März 1st, 2016

There she is, the mother sun!
And as I worried about, the clouds were faster than the sun and we didn’t get a bright sunrise with a clear alpine glow. But as always, there are two sides and on the other hand we get some colored clouds in the sky.
But we will see what happens next and how  the light will be changed in the next few minutes. Who knows what we will get, maybe the clouds disappears before the red light is gone, or we get a fully clouded sky, we will see.


Alone in the dark – part 9

Posted on Februar 25th, 2016

What did I write – alone in the dark?
I was walking alone in the middle of the night through nomans land, just me and the stars in the sky. And I reached the sky way before the sunrise. At first I put on some warmer cloths, because the wind was really fresh. I always cary an extra warm primaloft jacket in my backpack for a languorous cosiness.
I took some panoramic shots with my 100mm lens and I also realized one or two people coming up to the peak. But then suddenly, as I turned me around, I was surprised. Where came all the people from? Normaly I can enjoy my peak experience alone. And then it was very clear, because on the other side of the peak is a mountain hotel and it can comfortably reached by a train.
Well all the lazy bones, had a good night’s rest and can enjoy now the sunrise before they get a breakfast and drive back by train :)


Alone in the dark – part 8

Posted on Februar 23rd, 2016

Watch this beautiful panoramic view of the Bernese Alps. (ZOOM IN!)
While I was waiting for the sun and the strong wind tugged vainly on my wind proof outdoor cloths, I started to get bored. But why waiting for the sunrise without making photos?
So I took my 100mm Canon lens and mounted it on my lightweight Sony A7r. By the way, this was my first trip without a canon body. But anyway, I focused by hand, because the autofocus was not working and with zooming into the liveview I could do this easily. And next time I will also turn off the IS because with long apperture times and mounted on a tripod, the IS worked contrary and it shacked the image.
Luckily this panorama image was such huge, that I shrinked it to a usable width of 6144 pixel and the unsharpness is no more visible. Meanwhile the Foen was collapsing and the storm front was pressing the clouds over the mountains. But I was still optimistic, because the Foen is stronger in the eastern part, so I hopefully can see the sunrise.
An Explanation for all Non-Swiss people, the Fön is a strong, warm wind coming from Africa over the Alps. This wind can be very strong with speeds up to 160km/h and if a blast hits you, it feels like a hot hair dryer is blowing in your face. That’s why a hair dryer in Switzerland is called a Fön.


Alone in the dark – part 7

Posted on Februar 16th, 2016

The darkness recedes and the light comes back.
From now on, I’m no more alone in the dark, because the darkness is gone :) It’s the time to wait for the sun and as always, before the sun reaches the horizon, the wind beginns to blow. This time was the wind stronger than normaly and I thought to me, it’s a little fresh up here for the month of August.
Only much later, I remembered me, there was a note in the weather forcast, that  a storm is coming in the morning, followed by heavy rain. But at this time I could only see some clouds at the horizon.