And the torture goes on

Posted on Juli 13th, 2015

After we reached the hut we realised, the distance to the peaks was to short.
What to do? There is only one solution, get distance to the peaks. And there is only one direction, to the northern ridge. The silly thing is, there is no trail, there are only stones.
And so we tried to climb up as far as we can. It was dangerous and exhausting. These stones are not the same one like you know from the trails. No, they were huge, up to three meters high and we had to climb from stone to stone. Only one false step and… don’t think about it…
After another 400 meters altitude we stopped before we reached the ridge. We needed to much time to climb up. But look at the wonderful peaks which we now can see. And do you see all the stones below us, they looks like the gravel on a parkfield but they aren’t. And if you look very close, then you can see, near the bottom border in the center of the image, the bright roof of the hut.
You can also see the glacier on the other site of the valley and the huge stone avalanche. The brighter part on the mountain above the avalanche, is the abortion point.


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