Life between rubble

Posted on Juli 29th, 2015

A small little garden between a large field of stones.
I was walking along the marked hiking path and somewhere I must lost the signs and then I was surrounded by stones on a steep slope. Well this was a bit over my limits and I thought, this is way more difficult than a normal hiking trail. So I walked back and I saw a way going down and I followed it. This trail was was a good piece easier. And after a while I thought, okay, this is enough climbing now, I will stay here to take my photos.
I planted my backpack to the ground and explored the nearer surroundings. What should I say, I found a ladder and a yellow-blue sign. I was now on a via ferrata! Okay, that explains the stony way and next time I should better watch for the hiking signs :)
Can you guess, what you can’t see on the blurry part of the image?


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