Lonely in the rain

Posted on März 20th, 2014

If you’re driving nearly 2000km to see a breathtaking place on earth, you won’t stop short before your destination only because it rains. After we received the parking near the Preikestolen in Norway, it begans to rain. At the beginning it was light summer rain but during the hours it was a constant heavy rain.
And so we walked 3 hours up and another 3 hours down through the rain. I could not make so much photos of the impressive landscape it was simply too wet.
But short after we returned I gazed back and saw this lonely person standing at the cliff. Under the feet 700m free fall down to the fjord.



Posted on März 19th, 2014

Near the german town Bensheim is a recreation area close to the town, called Fürstenlager. A good friend of mine celebrated his wedding at this beautiful place. I reached the location at the evening before and took the chance for a late photowalk at the sunset. It was the right decision and I could see an awesome sky until the dusk.


A day by the lake

Posted on März 18th, 2014

On a sunny march day like we had this weekend, I was walking around this little lake. The sun was shining and the insects are flying through the picture and the nature starts the bloom. How beautiful can a spring day be.
I was just ready to publish this image as my litle wouwou was eating a small whatever from the dog food shop, given by my wife. And my spring feelings are gone! Booaah this stuff stinks like hell! More spring feelings tomorrow, now I have go to get a gas mask, open the windows and spray a whole bottle of an air freshener…


How trolls are living

Posted on März 17th, 2014

Today I can share a top secret with you. On my norwegian tour I followed a troll to his home and waited there until he left again. Then I used the time to make a fast shot before he’s coming back. It was very dangerous, because if he traped me who knows what happend to me. But I was fast enough outside again. After I heard him coming back, I jumped out of a window in the backside of the hut.


The seven perseids

Posted on März 15th, 2014

Each year around the 12. of August, the earth is crossing the course of the comet Swift-Tuttle. Because this comet is a little dirtball, he left a lot of wreckage on his path and if such a piece is hitting the atmosphere it will glow up in a bright flare. On a photo you can see, that the color is changing while it is burning up.
For this image I let the camera work for more than an hour and took about 90 images. I was lying beside the camera and saw a lot more of this flares, but not in the direction of the lens. But I was lucky enough to catch 7 of this meteors.
If you have time, the weather is good and the moon is not too bright this year, go out and watch the perseids falling down, it’s an awesome experience. I will remember you before it’s time this year.



Posted on März 14th, 2014

They are looking like the blade of a knife, the Churfirsten in the Toggenburg region. Like always my friend and I were late and missed the sunset. But this was maybe better, probably we didn’t wait long enough to see this amazing lightning in the sky. And what I didn’t know at this moment, is how wet my feet get in the next few hours because I wear the wrong shoes and as you know: I hate wet feet!


The horse head nebula

Posted on März 13th, 2014

Do you see it? The horse head? On the right side in the red part you can recognize a horse head. I nearly missed it because I didn’t see it so bad on the original image. This explains the the horse head at the border of the image, next time I know where to find it :)
I shoot 8 images each 120s with 3200 ISO at 400mm to get this amazing picture of our universe.


A colorful sunset in the Emmental

Posted on März 12th, 2014

After the spooky troll hut of yesterday, today we have a nice spring sunset. I shoot it in the region of the Emmental near Berne. You can enjoy e very lovely landscape in this part of Switzerland. If you turn around you could see the nice horizon full of mountains and many of them over 4000m high. But this view shows the more flat part of Berne, else I wouldn’t see the nice sunset.


The weatherproof troll hut

Posted on März 11th, 2014

I found this hut deep in the hills of norway, far away of any civilization and if you listen very carefully you could hear the feet of the trolls silently creeping in the hut. This hut has to resist the harsh weather of the norwegian winter, therefore you can see the character this building has become over the years. I like this awesome little cabine, deep in the wilderness of Norway.


The bloom

Posted on März 10th, 2014

After we cancled the winter, because of the bad request, we are going directly from autumn to spring. And therefore I show you also pictures from the early bloom. I know on other continents was it a real hard winter, but not here, we never saw anyone. Now the birds are tweeting and the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, it’s spring time. Not at the calendar but in the nature.