Grain and poppies

Posted on Mai 29th, 2015

The beautys of the spring are blooming again.
After all the muddy brown fields are covered with growing grain, you can find them too. If you are looking good enough then you see all over the places the red spots between all the green grain blades, the poppy blossoms.
I like the extrem contrast of the green and beige grain and the extrem red shiny poppies. Sometimes I belief the camera was not able to catch the red tones correctly and it burned out.
Therefore I wish you all a wonderfull weekend, go out into the nature and watch for the red shiny poppies.



Posted on Mai 27th, 2015

When the spring days are getting longer and the air is warm and full filled of…
It could be so wonderfull to stay outside and enjoy the nature. Enjoying the sun and her warm rays on your skin and take a deep breath of the fresh spring air with all the fragrances of the blooming flowers. And: Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! It shakes you again and again like you are using a jackhammer.
Then you know, you sucked in, beside all the amazing spring fragrances, the pollen of the grass. Did you know, that all the yellow dust you can find on your car and elsewhere, are not so evil. The really hard stuff are the very fine pollen of the grass blades and they are a lot smaller, so you normaly don’t see it.
But one day, I was on the morning walk with Bubu, the dogs tail shaked some heavy loaded grass blades and I saw small clouds in the air. Ah there comes this ugly stuff from and a second later I thought, how can I get an image of this pollen? It was not that easy but I managed it. And after several tries, I pressed the shutter at the right moment.


An alpine view

Posted on Mai 25th, 2015

Watch it all, from the Mythen across the Rigi and the lakes, to the central swiss alps.
While the sun is already gone down behind the horizon you can sill see her red light. And it’s already dark enough to see all the lights of the villages down in the valley.
Because this is the ending of the blue hour you can also see the first stars and you can see the two planets, Venus and Jupiter.
This is an HDR panorama image, which means I took five times a bracket  series to get all the dynamic I could also see by my eyes. My advice, if you ever go up to a sight seeing place like the Rotenfluh here, take your time and stay until it’s dark. Because after this pano I shoot also a night time pano with a lot more visible stars. The disadvantage is, after you took all the awesome photos and you are prepared to go down to the valley, you will notice that you missed the last funicular by far.



Posted on Mai 22nd, 2015

Do you know that one funny guy who always want to be on a picture?
You maybe know that, you want to take an image of an awesome landscape and ‘whooosh’, there he is. You made an image of the dude you never wanted for. Photobombers are a major problem in the photography business. More often you have destroyed images of the photo bomber community guys.
And what I never thought, that my faithful companion Bubu is one of them! I was so shocked…
And I screamed: “Ey Bubu! Go away!” and he answerd: “Nana nanana…” ARGHH!!!


An ordinary gear test

Posted on Mai 19th, 2015

Bought a new camera and went for a quick test to the nearby pond.
It was one of that day, the new camera was lying on the table and it itched me in my index finger to press the shutter. So I went for a short camera comparison to a near pond and pressed a little bored a few times the shutter.
At home I had the same shot about 100 times on my disk, because I setup all three cams with the same focal length and controlled that I had the same image part on the sensor. Then I took each time a bracked serie with all three cameras. The images where more or less the same, this one is from my Canon 6D.
It makes no sense to show images of all three cameras they look similar, so maybe someone is interested in this test image…


Cold Sophie and her fellas

Posted on Mai 17th, 2015

Driving 400km to the mountains and all I got is this.
Can you see the mighty peaks of the Wild Emperor Mountains in the background? Neither I could see it, all my five holidays long. It was really a bitter frustration to be the second time in the same area and again all days are covered with thick clouds or more better it rained.
The plan was to climb up to the Feldberg stay there in minimum the half night to shoot the impressive skyline of the ‘Wilder Kaiser Gebirge’ and the time was also right to see the milkyway, but the weather was planning it otherwise.
You know, the hope will die at least and so I will try it again.


Glacier water

Posted on Mai 12th, 2015

Surrounded by stony walls you can find a lake full of cool glacier water.
At an exceptional sunny weekend last year, I decided to go for a hike to the lake of Oeschinen in the Bernese Alps. It was a beautiful day with nearly no clouds and it was much to early to get sunset or nightly shots. This is because my little friend Bubu doesn’t like to stay on a peak in the night and therefore I could only go at day. But for an exploration tour I have to say, this landscape is really impressiv.
Maybe I should go for a nightly tour to get more moody images, this destination is definitely on my todo list.


Moonshine valley

Posted on Mai 10th, 2015

When the moon rises, the milkyway fades out and the landscape begins to shine.
At the beginning of the night I could see a very intense milkyway behind a dark landscape. But with the rising moon the landscape got more light and shadows. This was my last image of the night on this day. On the eastern sky I could already see a silver lining, time to pack together and go the long way back to home.
As we started our way back, was the landscape still very dark, but soon I could turn of my headlamp, short after I pulled off my rain pants and another night in the mountains was over. Before we reached the car, we crossed the first hikers on their way up, well they didn’t know what they had missed.


If the yellow light is gone

Posted on Mai 8th, 2015

First was the outerspace yellow moody light and then this.
After I thougth, so the show is ending I can go home, then the phase two was starting. The yellow bulb was replaced by a purple one. Sometimes you have the camera with you and everything is right and sometimes you can wait and wait and nothing happens.
Today there is also a thunderstorm coming, but the light is only dull and grey, therefore I can write this text without regret to stay inside the house.
Enough words, enjoy the image and the weekend :)


The picnic is over

Posted on Mai 5th, 2015

If the light is getting yellow and more yellow, then you better pack your goods together and looking for a shelter.
It was one of this evening when the light becomes a strange color. It was so intense I beliefed I was on another planet. Everything had a yellow color tone. First I run outside for one or two cool pictures, but this strange mood stays until the sun was set.
And so I could shoot nearly half an hour and the light becomes better and better. It was really impressive to shoot on a planet with a different sun.
At the end I reached my home still dry and shortly thereafter the heavy rain shower was pattring on the roof.