Kitchen aid wanted

Posted on März 30th, 2014

Top modern kitchen, fresh painted and all necessary tools are available. Your job is to cook for the masters family, food and lodging for free. You will get one day per month for your free time. Your skills are preparing and cooking fish and vegetables. You also have to reach the comestibles on the market early in the morning and working hard until midnight.
If you are interested, ask for Mr. Smöltje at Mainstreet in Gamlebergen, Norway.


Ski resort by night

Posted on März 29th, 2014

You are going for skiing by day and what are you doing at night? Afterskiing? Sleeping? How boring! Take your snow shoes and go for a walk at the mountains to make some photos at night. You can take images nobody has seen before because nobody is on the slope, except the lonely snowcat drivers.
The only thing you must know is, it is damn cold. And if the wind is blowing over the hill, you better wear the right clothes.



Posted on März 28th, 2014

During my stay on the mount Selun I took also an image of the Toggenburg, the valley from where we climbed up the mountain. You can see on the opposite side the mount Saentis with the glowing antenna.
And farther away you can see the light pollution of the Bodensee region and probably a part of Germany. The way up was not a piece of cake, I can tell you, especially when you carry the havy camera gear…


The morning glow

Posted on März 27th, 2014

After a hard climb, a long night and a short sleep, we stood up early enough to see the sun rising. The peaks are glowing in the red morning sun and the dawn is changing to daylight. The grass was wet from the night and, haha, I wear better shoes and didn’t get wet feet.
It was a very beautiful sunrise and the hard mountain hiking was forgotten.


The glacier river

Posted on März 26th, 2014

Once again an image from Norway. It was on a hike to the Briksdalsbreen, a glacier in the middle of Norway. It’s an easy walk from the parking lot a little upward to the end of the valley where the mightful glacier is coming down from the upper part.
You can see the melted water from the glacier in the foreground and the end of the valley with the large glacier tongue. Unfortunately it is melted now to far, so you can no more reach the end of the glacier without danger. But it is impressive anyway, if you are standing at the foot of the glacier.


The castle ruin in Vuorz

Posted on März 25th, 2014

In the Swiss region Surselva you’ll find a village called Waltensburg or in the regional language Vuorz, don’t ask me how to spell it :).
With an easy walk you can reach this ruins nearby. They are telling about times long ago, the good old times where you can clear difficult situations with a small mace.
Today the only weapon you can use is a canon, a Canon 5DmkII or similar.


Bloomy monday

Posted on März 24th, 2014

After we’ve got snow here, just a little bit, we should ask us; is it winter? No, it’s not, it’s spring! The winter had his chance during his season, now it has no space for snow. Where is the police, when we need them, the weather police? This is not correct, we need a debate, a committee and new laws. This is anarchy!
Okay, irony mode off :) for all of you who couldn’t enjoy a beautiful spring day I give you a nice little flower. It was very tiny, only 3mm each blossom.



Posted on März 23rd, 2014

You have only one chance to get a photo of an impressiv building and then this. There are framework on it and this needless lightning. Do you have ever made the same experience, to be in a city and the nice buildings are covert with construction frames?
Well, however, this is the best image I could get from the outside of this building. Maybe I have mor luck at another stay in Vienna.


The last meteor before sunrise

Posted on März 22nd, 2014

After I watched the whole night the falling perseids, I packed the gear in my backpack again and was walking back, then I saw this beautiful sight on the Mythen, so is called this mountain.
I shoot this image short before the horizon was getting red. And no, what you see at this horizon is not the dawn it is the light pollution.
And what you also can see are the hikers with their headlights going up to enjoy the sunrise from the peak.


The moon in the mirror lake

Posted on März 21st, 2014

It was the night with the wet feet, you may remember. I was standing there, with my wet feet and took this image before the clouds are closing the whole sky. But it was not so worse, because the clouds are not getting thicker and the stars becomes a glow through the clouds. So beside the main annoyance I get a very nice picture from the moon. And maybe I has not told you but: I hate wet feet!