Alone in the dark – part 2

Posted on Januar 30th, 2016

After a short stop near the Eisee, I was going forward.
I had two turbulent weeks and I found now time again to write the next part about my trip to the Rothorn. I hope next days will be more silent and less stressfull, so I can write more blogs again.
But back again to the mountains, this image is very similar to the last one. Except it’s not a panorama, but it is a HDR like image. Especially for moonless nights in dark regions is it a good idea to take some extra bright images for the foreground.


Alone in the dark – part 1

Posted on Januar 18th, 2016

The first climb is already done.
You can see the lights of Soerenberg down in the valley, where I was started two hours ago. It was not so steep but I climbed now already 700m altitude. You can also see an overview of the the UNESCO world heritage of Entlebuch.
I’m on my way up to the Brienzer Rothorn and with some luck I will reach the top before the sunrise. But I have to stop many times to take images. It’s not possible simply to walk without making photos.


A long way to go – Conclusion

Posted on Januar 11th, 2016

Now, I have to walk back.
While the sun was climbing in the sky, I was climbing down the mountain. At the begining I was in the shadow of the Wartherhorn but when I was walking around the edge and the sun was a good part higher up in the sky, I was starting to sweat. While I was putting more and more of my clothes in my backpack the sun was climbing higher and higher.
You can belief me, on the top of a mountain and before the sun is visible, it can be very cold. But when the day is starting on this sunny summer day, the temperatures are climbing too. So I was back in the hotel, sweaty and tired, but right for the breakfast. Unfortunately, as you know, it was the day of departure and I had no chance to sleep. Lukily my wive can driving car too, else I don’t know what would happend if I was driving back home :)
And the conclusion is; if you bring up your lazy bones and go for a hike, even or escpecially at night, you will have always a good reminder of a fantastic time.


A long way to go – part 10

Posted on Januar 9th, 2016

Yeehaaa! The sun is here!
After a long night and a steep hike, here is my reward. Slowly was the sun coming up between two peaks. It’s always an impressive feeling to see how beautiful a sunrise can be. Especially in the mountains, where the sunrays are fingering around the peeks and between the valleys.
Finally I get my peak shot and the weekend was saved :) Okay, it’s not the only good thing of this weekend but it was my personal highlight.


A long way to go – part 9

Posted on Januar 6th, 2016

I couldn’t resist…
to show another image before the sun rises. It shows the region I was walking the last afternoon. I like the colors before sun rises and the red clouds. I know it’s a bit corny but I like it anyway :)
I promise the next image will show the sun at the horizon.


A long way to go – part 8

Posted on Januar 2nd, 2016

Way enough time, before the sun says hello!
After the last image, there must be clear, that somewhere is a red lightsource. E voilà, here it is! A wonderfull cloudfree sky with all the red tones of a strong sunrise on the top of a mountain.
The tallest mountain on the right side is called Bieberkopf. The peak marks the border to Germany and if you climbed up and stand on the top, you can plant one foot on Germany and the other on Austria and shout out loud: “Ozapft is!”
But let us simply enjoy the sunrise and wait for the sun.