In middle of the night

Posted on Oktober 29th, 2015

All the sunlight is gone and all the starlight was visible.
Okay, I promise you, this is the last image of this lake. Not all clouds were gone but I could see the milkyway above the glacier.
For this image I tried something special. I made this image with the Sony A7s, my low light king. But I used a technique which I developed for my Canon 6D. I used an additional a star guiding tool, the nano.tracker, for the possibility to become an exposure time of 120 seconds without any startrails. This was my best technique to get images without so much noise. Because of the long exposure time, I could screw down my ISOs.
And what now happend is interessting, although the A7s is so good with high ISOs, it is very bad for long exposures. If you look closely, you will see all the red, blue and green dots of the hot pixels. With the Canon I was getting also some hot pixels, maybe five or ten, but this, there must be about one hundert of them.
The conclusion of this, every camera body has it’s pros and cons.


The night is arriving

Posted on Oktober 26th, 2015

Look at the sky, the first stars are visible now.
After my last picture only a few minutes later we can see the stars in the sky.  And the wind must be blowing very hard in the upper atmosphere, as you can see at the clouds.
And because this was a moonless night, with a bit of luck we can see something different in the sky a bit later, when the daylight is completely gone. I would say, we will see more stars, unbelievable more stars, if the clouds are blown away.


At the glaciers

Posted on Oktober 23rd, 2015

After a few curves, I reached the top of the Sustenpass.
The sun was already gone now and I was preparing me for the night shooting. The angle was not optimal, but to my right side was only a large stone field and I was not in the mood to climb another hour over all the cairns. So I stayed here, where I could see, the glaciers, the lake and the snowy mountains.
And it should not take long and the stars where visible in the sky. I could image how beautiful this must look, with all the sparkling stars in the sky. The only thing I had to do, is a bit waiting until the last light of the sun was disapeard.


Red damp

Posted on Oktober 20th, 2015

Always a bit late can give you an unexpected view.
It was a heavy traffic jam at the beginning of this trip and so I was again a bit late. Too late to be on the top for the sunset, but early enough in the mountains to get this colorful shot.
The plan was to be on the top off the Sustenpass before the sun sets and take some sunset images of the small lake there. Because of the delay, I had the chance to take this image a few minutes before the destination. Better to stop on the way and take a sunset image, than beeing at the desired point without light.
After I took some images here, I drove ahead to the top with the glacier and the lakes.



Posted on Oktober 16th, 2015

On the road again, up into the swiss alps.
After a few weeks the weather was still stable and I had to go back to the mountains for another exciting night. At the half way, I stopped at this beautiful point on the Vierwaldstaettersee called Tellsplatte. Who knows which story is behind this point about a character of an old german story teller.
But anyway, the light was very nice, while the sun was setting and the first reddish light was in the air. After a few minutes I was already back in my car and on the road towards deeper into the high swiss alps.


A last glance

Posted on Oktober 14th, 2015

The weekend shorttrip has ended, time to go back to the mountains.
Before I take you with me to my next trip in the mountains, a last glance over the light polluted flatlands with the milkyway over the horizon.
Meanwhile the autumn has arrived here in Switzerland and so I wallow in the memories and photos of the past extraordinary summer. But let us see, what next is coming…


A long way back

Posted on Oktober 12th, 2015

When you realize, that the way was longer than expected.
From the other side, it looks like a hop, but if you are on the way and you are walking, then you are walking until you reached your destination. Then you turn around and you see, how far you have to walk until you are back at your starting point.The highest hill at the horizon, was the point where I shot the last image. And a bit below you see the hotel, were I stayed over night and were I started today. It was thought as a short walk with Bubu and has ended with a four hours marsh. But I reached my destination on the other end of the hills.


The panoramic view from Roeti

Posted on Oktober 9th, 2015

The view from the lookout point near Solothurn, called Weissenstein.
It was a hot summer day, when I was walking with Bubu the dog, from the hotel to the highest point on this recreation area. This view to the east shows the tail of the swiss jura mountains.
You should see at least four cantons, Solothurn, Berne, Basel and Jura. And if you want to know, how high the temperatures were, watch my last image and ask Bubu :)
It was a little afternoon walk, with Bubu and not a high mountain tour, except the running sweat was the same…


A hot summer has ended

Posted on Oktober 7th, 2015

This year we had a hot and fabulous summer here in Switzerland.
After the bad summers the last two years, this summer was superb and warm. For some of us maybe too warm, especially the furry guys had a warm time. But sometimes it was their own blame, nobody tells them to run around while the sun is burning on their fur, this means you Bubu!
Now it’s autumn and we will see, how beautiful this season will be.


The holiday is over

Posted on Oktober 6th, 2015

Two weeks in an offline world, nearly.
We spent 10 days in France in a natural park in Burgundy. We rented a small hut near Saulieu. It was planed to travel around and visit some nice places and castles in the surrounding region and in fact this was what we did.
But it was a bit more difficult, the lovely small hut was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wood. The natural park Morvan is a huge piece of deep forest. There are streets through the wood, but they are narrow, curvy and bumpy, so you can only drive very slow, especially if you don’t want your dog is flying around in the back of your car. And so we needed every day a good part to drive until we left the woods.
It was not only far away to drive it was also far away for the internet and cell phones, too far. And so I missed to blog for the whole time, but now I’m back with a bunch of photos.
We visited a lot of beautiful castles and picturesque villages. The landsacpe was amazing and the medieval buildings were awesome.