Who’s Tom Fear

Posted on Dezember 23rd, 2013

meI’m Thomas Angst, or translated in English Tom Fear. In the year 2011 I discovered my passion to the photography. I’m a one of those crazy people who climb up mountains, with a backpack full of camera gear (about 15kg) and this at night by -20°C. Build up a tent, a tripod and sleeping outdoor to get the best image I can get.
After years of doing nothing outside, we became a dog we called Bubu. Okay he’s real name is Amadeo, but he looks like a Bubu :) After this happening, there was no excuse to go outside, no matter what kind of weather it is, or you have to clean up the house. But believe me, before Bubu will do an accident, he is telling you, what he wants!
The next part in the story is, that my wife and I were planning a journey through the USA. And for this, I want to have a camera for getting HDR images. After some evaluations I buyed a Canon 550D. After I was back from the hollidays I was proud about my pictures, now I’m a bit less proud about it… But then I saw online some images which changes everything. I saw my images and I saw the other images and I know what I want to do! I had to buy a better camera, now I was owner of a Canon 60D. And this although I didn’t want to buy a DSLR for my journey, I wanted a point and shoot.
After I was more and more outside at night and I was unhappy with the noise in my images, I bought in the same year my third camera, a Canon 5DmkII. Now I was infected by the very dangerous virus called photography!
If you are interested in my photo adventures and learnings about photography, then you are right here!On this page I will participate you in my photographic adventures, day by day!
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