Alone in the dark – part 10

Posted on März 1st, 2016

There she is, the mother sun!
And as I worried about, the clouds were faster than the sun and we didn’t get a bright sunrise with a clear alpine glow. But as always, there are two sides and on the other hand we get some colored clouds in the sky.
But we will see what happens next and how  the light will be changed in the next few minutes. Who knows what we will get, maybe the clouds disappears before the red light is gone, or we get a fully clouded sky, we will see.


Flowers high up on the mountains

Posted on November 23rd, 2015

After my arriving in Austria, Bubu has to go for a pee.
So I took em and lift him on the chairlift and drove with the very last chair up to the top. Therefore was no chance to ride back to the valley and we had to walk down. Short after we left our chairlift I saw this nice blue flowers with the amazing view to the mountains in the back and I took my small Sony and shoot this image.
Meanwhile has my friend Bubu has other things in his little head. I heared some birds whistling and thought okay, they are high in the air, because I couldn’t find them. And then I saw the naughty dog sniffing and snooping nervously around. And zack, he runs away.
What Bubu likes, on all our walks, is digging for mice. So what can I say, all around us on the hill, I could find this mountain rats, also called marmots. Bubu was in the element, he doesn’t found only holes he could see, hear and smell all this big mice.
Okay, bubu is not the fastest hunter nor does he have any strategic sense and way before he reached a marmot, it was gone and hidden in the hole. I only hoped, bubu will not bite by a marmot because he stuck his nose so deep in the holes.
After a while, I runned behind this silly dog, shouting angry after him, I could catch em and for the rest of the walk he has to stay ‘online’ :)


Man at work

Posted on Juni 1st, 2015

The weather was only for a few hours good to go and I used it.
It was cloudy on friday and it was cloudy on saturday too, but I heard the clouds should disappear in the middle of the night and come back during the sunday morning. What should I do under this conditions? Right, set the alarm in the middle of the night. Hop into the car, drive up to the mountains. Put on the hiking shoes on and walk up to the hill.
The condition was not optimal and I couldn’t see the ‘Alpenglühn’ but good enough for some nice images. First I could shoot some starscapes and then cames the dawn, followed by the blue hour. Only a nice red sky was missing, because there was a thick, fat cloud at the horizon directly in front of the rising sun.
But take this image in advance of a few interesting images in the next days.


Glacier water

Posted on Mai 12th, 2015

Surrounded by stony walls you can find a lake full of cool glacier water.
At an exceptional sunny weekend last year, I decided to go for a hike to the lake of Oeschinen in the Bernese Alps. It was a beautiful day with nearly no clouds and it was much to early to get sunset or nightly shots. This is because my little friend Bubu doesn’t like to stay on a peak in the night and therefore I could only go at day. But for an exploration tour I have to say, this landscape is really impressiv.
Maybe I should go for a nightly tour to get more moody images, this destination is definitely on my todo list.


On the road

Posted on März 1st, 2015

After a stressful week I missed the deadline for my blog for several days. At the beginning of the week I had a bunch of work to do and I thought I could write a new article on wednesday. But on that day, I was working too long and at the end there was no time to write one.
Then we left our home for a longer weekend and drove to Meiringen, deep in the bernese alps. And what should I say, as we arrived our destination the sun was shining on a wonderful blue sky. So I grabbed my dog Bubu and went for a walk to the Rosenlaui. Wow, that was really awesome! The whole valley was covered with deep powder snow and there is not one ski lift or any other funicular. I could walk on my snow shoes nearly three hours to this absolutely beautiful winter wonderland.
And so I missed the next deadline… But friday, on friday the weather forecast predicted bad weather and so it was. The whole day wet snow or rain. But, my car was broken, the back door was no more closing, darn. We had to drive one hour to a service point to fix it and it cost me 600 bucks, darn again. After a very fine dinner, I was getting sick with my stomach, at my birthday! And so I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bed and missed the deadline again.
Okay saturday, the car is working, the weather is bad, but it should get better at the afternoon. I was lying in the bed and checked the foggy clouds through the windows. Nothing happend, the clouds were thick and the weather forecast guys told not the truth, for one more time. But! At half past four I saw the first blue spot in the sky, okay I was up faster as if a bee stinged me, packed my rucksack and drove again up to this wonderful valley and this time I left my dog at home, so I can shoot at night. You know, he doesn’t like to wait especially at night…
Half way up, my car stuck in wet snow, darn one more time. After much curses I had a snow chain mounted and came free, but darn the snow chain ripped. With much more curses I tried to mount the other one and missed. I tried to dismount the first one and missed too. I used a car-jack and it slipped away and stuck between the car and the floor AARRGHH  #@#&! After about an hour I could drive again. And I saw the burning sky through the forest *sigh!*.
But at the end I could shoot a few images of the alpine glow and I reached the Schwarzwaldalp as the dead end of the road. From here on, I had to walk 500m altitude difference until I reached the Grosse Scheidegg.
What a wonderful view! The moon was so bright and the snow reflected the light. Deep below me I saw Grindelwald and at the horizon I could see the Kleine Scheidegg and the starting point of the famous ski race of Lauberhorn. On the left hand I had the near wall of the Wetterhorn and the Eiger north face. Wow, how impressive to see this at night with a stunning sky above me. As you can assume I missed the deadline again and I don’t regret it, for this time :)

PS: If you want to see more impressions of this journey, then you have to wait until I processed it…


Fog and clouds

Posted on Januar 14th, 2015

The whole day was dull in mist and at the end when the fog was lighten up, there were also clouds in the sky.
It was a boring winter day without light and it was cold and I couldn’t see the sun. Even at the end there was this tree directly between me and the sun. There are days without light and colors only gloomy sadness… what do you mean? This is a colorful winter image? Hmm, now after you said, I can see it too :)


The stars and the sunset

Posted on Januar 7th, 2015

The sunset is still glowing, while the stars are already visible.
Here in the lonely wilderness, where the foxes and the rabbits say good night, where you can nothing hear than the blowing wind and the air is so clear, you can see the stars up in the sky before the last sun glow disappeared. There is it so darn cold you can freeze your balls of…
But there are a fandfull brave men, defy the hard condtions to get the pictures and bring it to you on your screen in the warm hut in front of a soft crackling fire.
“Tom Fear knows no Fear…” hmm, I already heard this quotation, who can tell me where?



Posted on Dezember 20th, 2014

Starting early enough to catch the sunset at the Vierwaldstaettersee and we reached the place right in time.
The best season to shoot the sunset at this point will be around the 21. of March or the 21. of September. Then you can see the sun mirroring along the lake. So I marked the day in my calendar for the next year.
But however, the blue hour was impressive too with the red clouds above the beautiful mountains and the purple colors on the water. It was really an amazing evening at the lake and I will go there for more shootings. Next time I go probably up to the top of the mountain behind me, the Fronalpstock.



Posted on Dezember 7th, 2014

I was on my first journey with a DSLR, we just left the Yosemite Nationalpark and I saw at the border of the road some tourists hanging around.
And what should you do, if tourists are looking at something? Right, hold out, pick up your camera and explore the situation. There were two chinese guys with big cameras and large camera bags. They mounted their gear on tripods and put some large sqare filters in front of their lenses, as I now know it was a Lee filterset and on the other side of the street was a bored chinese girl waiting :)
I saw what they where shooting, a waterfall. And probably they want to have soft water. Hmmm, I already then knew how to do that too. I mounted my ND Filter, put my camera on my mini tripod, yes in the ancient time I wasn’t carrying a good tripod, I set my camera in AV mode und choose f/22 as the aperture. E voilà a soft looking waterfall and as I think not so bad, for a midday shot.


The moon at sunrise

Posted on November 4th, 2014

After a long and cold night, I unfortunately didn’t wear long underwear, the sun was lighten up the mountains again.
It was at the Melchsee-Frutt on 2000m altitude and after the good shoes I have now allways long pants with me.  The night was very clear with bright moonlight and therefore the temperatures were falling down although it was summer. With the sun came the clouds and I could take some interesting images while the sun was rising.
And so it was possible to combine the mountain glowing and the moon together on the same picture.