Sunrise at the mountain lake

Posted on Januar 31st, 2015

The early bird catches the worm or when the sky is burning.
It was realy the right decision to crouch out of the warm bed and go up to the lake for an exciting photo shooting. You may think this image is way to red but I was surprised by my self about the redness in the image on the camera with the auto white balance. I belief the white balance in my brain was too strong and I saw the landscape a bit less reddish as it was.
All the clouds above me were red and the brown and red tones of the autumn trees completed the red environment.


Last cars

Posted on Januar 28th, 2015

This is one of the last car here on the Oberalppass, before the winter closed the passage.
Until the late spring, this road will be closed and you need to walk or you can take the train. But I don’t know, whether it will stop on the top or drive through until it reach the Surselva valley. However, actually we wanted to drive up to the Gotthardpass in this night, but unfortunatelly they closed the pass exactly this evening. We checked whether it is still open and it was at the afternoon, but as we reached Realp, the road was closed with a large barrage and big beacons.
So we choosed the Oberalppass instead, thereby we do not go home with empty hands…



Posted on Januar 25th, 2015

Guess where the big city is? And this is the reason why you can’t see too many stars near a city.
But I took this photo near my home village a few kilometers outside of Winterthur. And the good thing was, only a few clouds and no moon at the sky. So I could see some nice stars with my new Sony A7s. This was, you can call the first light, of this camera. A small test before I had time to go to the mountains to take real test images.
But I’m also impressed of this image, because you can see so many stars near the citylights.


Orion above

Posted on Januar 23rd, 2015

I was on my way for night photos in the mountains as I could see the clouds in the sky.
I thoughtto me, oh no, clouds again they will cover my beloved stars. But then I realized what the this clouds made to the stars. The clouds worked like a giant soft filter.
If you are watching stars in the sky, then you can recognize the star constellations. But on the image, when you can see all the other stars too, the constellations are no more recognizable, between all the stars. But look at this, when the foggy clouds are moved in front of the stars, can you see the Orion? This is really amazing how some clouds can completely change the sky.


Early sunday wake up

Posted on Januar 20th, 2015

After a short night, because I read an evil book, Bubu wake me up early in the morning.
He was moaning and I thought it’s an emergency and he need to go for a pee, but no, he only smelled the snow and wanted to go outside to play with his ball in the snow. Well, I was not very amuzed, but it was really a beautiful morning, very cold but the clouds were gone and I could see the blue sky above me and some fog. And then it starts to glow. Because of the fog, the red sunlight was first reflected in the clouds, before I could see where the sun will come up on the horizon.
And so after all, I was happy about my impatient friend, which woke me up early in the morning.


A sun day

Posted on Januar 18th, 2015

Yehaa, the snow is back! And without any dark, pardon, white magic.
While it was snowing very wet snow, the whole saturday long, after a cold night everything was frozen in the morning. While I was walking over the same streets which yesterday they were covered with, we say here in Switzerland “Pflotsch” to the very wet snow, now in the morning it was fresh and crispy. It sounds like I was walking over glass. And how amazing the sun was shining through the fog.


Milky Way in the dawn

Posted on Januar 16th, 2015

The moon was set long ago and the sky begun to lighten up, as the Milky Way was visible.
Bit by bit I could see the galaxy, which is appearing behind the near mountain. This was the last shot of the night, when the darkness was displaced by the light of the rising sun. Nearly two hours before the sun is visible at the horizon, the sky is getting brighter and the stars disappears. So all the work has be done and the photographer could go home to his well-earned sleep.


Fog and clouds

Posted on Januar 14th, 2015

The whole day was dull in mist and at the end when the fog was lighten up, there were also clouds in the sky.
It was a boring winter day without light and it was cold and I couldn’t see the sun. Even at the end there was this tree directly between me and the sun. There are days without light and colors only gloomy sadness… what do you mean? This is a colorful winter image? Hmm, now after you said, I can see it too :)


Winter forest

Posted on Januar 11th, 2015

After the winter is already over, time to grab an archive image of better days.
It was a beautiful day, nearly no clouds in the sky, but very cold and foggy during the night. Therefore all the trees were covered with hoar frost. And at the end of the day, the floor fog was lighten up and I could see the setting sun through the trees. The golden sunlight was combined with the blue frosty tones.


The center

Posted on Januar 9th, 2015

This is not a shopping center, this is the center of our galaxy.
It looks like they are having a great party there, the biggest light show in the neighbourhood. And the mankind is still waiting to be a part of the interstellar party people. Hey engineers work harder, I want to see it from near :)
Until we have useable engines, we have to use our cameras to take photos of the stunning space fireworks.