The closed peak hut

Posted on April 19th, 2014

The idea was to get up to this nice mountain and make first some beautiful sunset images, followed by the great dusk images and finished with the awesome nightshots.
But Mr. Fear was too late to see the sunset. I was nearly running the last part and missed the sun hiding behind the horizon. So I had enough time for all the other images, I want to take and I was staying up there until about 10 o’clock pm and walked down in the dark night.
This mountain path up to the Mythen is closed from end of October until May when the snow is gone. I was at the very last day up there, before the snow was coming. The peak hut was already closed for the winter and I was maybe the last person on the peak until the spring. On the other hand, who knows what other crazy guys are doing :)


The sun is coming

Posted on April 18th, 2014

The plan was driving on holiday over easter up to the mounains and making photos like a machine, was the plan… But well, the weather is going bad and now it is nothing with making photos. Only sitting in the hotel room and going out with the dog from time to time to get wet from the rain or now from the snow. That was also the reason for the missing post yesterday. I was waiting for the darkness and with the darkness the first clouds were coming and covered the sky.
So, for tonight a photo from the stack, unfortunately not a fresh one.
I shot this image as an HDR from the top of the Selun mountain. You can see the first light of the begining day and you can still see some stars at the opposite corner. And after I shot this image I thought in a short while is the sun coming up over the horizon. But no, it was going over an hour until I could see the sun shining over the peaks.


Color explosion

Posted on April 16th, 2014

Yesterday was it not possible for me to write a post, because I made this image, and some more…
On my way home I was a little disappointed about the bad weather conditions. Dark clouds above me and no sunshine, but after I was outside the town and near my home village, I saw the horizon. And there weren’t any clouds. So what will happen, when the sun passing the clouds and come near the horizon where no clouds are? Right, it will send all the red light under the clouds and we will become a memorable sunset. And so it happend!


Colors in the woods

Posted on April 14th, 2014

If you walk through the forest, be watchful and you can discover many beautiful things. This two small mushrooms were only 5cm high and hidden under leaves. I placed my camera nearly the floor and saved this fly agarics for the infinity. Normaly you must be lucky to get an exemplar without slug bytes. But I was early enough to catch a perfect one.


It’s raining again in Jotunheimen

Posted on April 13th, 2014

After the whole day it was raining like hell, we had a short break. But before I was back in the car, it start raining again.
It was a bit pitty, because we missed a lot of very cool destinations and no, it was no option to stop and leave the car, trust me! It was horrible wet outside and so we drove from sightseeing to sightseeing.
Now we have spring again, and hopefully I’m looking to a nice year full of hiking at dry conditions.


The skyline of the alps

Posted on April 12th, 2014

Look at this, what a beautiful sight! It’s the view from the Selun mountain to south east over the alps. You can can see the lake Walensee and behind the Mountains of the kanton Glarus.
And who says a moonless nights are better to see stars? Maybe, but the moonlight is lighten up the wonderful landscape of this nice part of the earth.
I personally like this awesome sight over the Skyline of the Alps and every step at the steep way up to the mountain was worth it.


After work – Friday!

Posted on April 11th, 2014

Quick, go out and enjoy this beautiful friday evening. Go out with your friends, take a drink and have fun!
Like this people in Bergen, Norway we can go and sit outside in a mild spring evening. Okay if you life in New Zealand you may have already autumn and you are awaiting the first snow. But we here in Europe, we pleased for a friendly spring and a better summer than our last winter was.
In this spirit, I wish you all a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for an awesome new image tomorrow!


Good morning, sun!

Posted on April 10th, 2014

After I spent a half night out for walking and finding good locations for nightshots, I was already on my way back home, as the sun beguns to flood the valley with light. You can see the sunrays of the red early morning sun comes over the peaks into the valley and lighten up the peaks until they glow like beacon.
I hates to stand up in the early morning, better is stay awake the whole night and I can see the sunset, the stars and the sunrise.


The fontain and the stars

Posted on April 9th, 2014

Normally I shoot starscapes in the alps, because of the less light pollution. But who say it’s not possible to catch some stars in a city? I can see stars here, not so many like I do in the mountains but they are there.
This fontain is in the castle garden of Weinheim in Germany. The interesting shine in the sky comes from the fast moving clouds while I was shooting totally about 160 secounds.


Time to say goodbye

Posted on April 8th, 2014

So, now it’s time for us to bid farewell from a friend who never was really here. He announced to come but then he was too busy elsewhere and let us stay in the rain. And that was the problem – rain. It should be snow but it was only rain.
But I give you another chance and you are allowed to come again at the end of the year, but come on time don’t come too early!
Therefore, have a nice stay in the south and c u later my friend winter.