Strange blossoms at monday

Posted on Oktober 13th, 2014

No idea what this is. Those things ar looking like small, pink pumpkins and if they are burst, then there are these strange amber berries.
Has anybody of you the movie ‘Body Snatchers’ seen? What ever this things are, they looking stunning colorful and therefore they are qualified for the bloomy monday. In this sense – I wish all of you a successful week! :)


Mountains, meadows and forests

Posted on Oktober 12th, 2014

The weather wasn’t as good as I had liked and I was a bit disappointed, because the sky was already covered with clouds. But this was a bit silly.
For nighttime shots would it be too cloudy, but for daytime shots is the sky looking more interessting with clouds than without it. Okay, if the clouds are hanging so deep and thick, that you can see only some flowers in the foreground, then it would be too much of it, but on this day the clouds were exactly right.


Bright moon at the Melchsee

Posted on Oktober 10th, 2014

It was summer and the days were warm, but at 2000m at the Melchsee, I was getting real cold.
We reached our photospot about midnight and we were shooting until the sun was visible. Eventually we found some wooden logs for making a small fire. But since then I have always a pair of long drawers with me, thereby I won’t get some frost boils even while the summertime…


Cold and hot in Valais

Posted on Oktober 9th, 2014

There was a small breeze and the temperature was at -15°C. But at the upwards stumping with my snow shoes through the snow, I was sweating anyway.
At the top on the ridge, while waiting for the camera, to take all the shots for one image it goes up to 20 minutes, I was getting a little cold. Nevertheless I would do this always again. The nightly images from the Alps are inspiring me everytime a new.


Sunset in the moor

Posted on Oktober 8th, 2014

I was here at the same afternoon, in this marshy high plateau. But the light was not as good as I wanted, it was simply to hard.
Therefore I decided to go again after the dinner, at the right time for the sunset. And lo and behold, it was worth it. Awesome how the mountains are red lighted by the deep standing sun. With such a beautiful light the colors are much stronger as in the blazing sun.


An alpine meadow

Posted on Oktober 6th, 2014

A chaotic mess, harmonically orchestrated before a well fitting panorama, this can you find often in the alps. But only who has the effort, to climb up the long way down from the valley up to the mountain. Climbing over all the rocks with all the necessary luggage, including all the heavy photo gear, under the hot and burning summer sun, has a chance to see the high-lying alpine meadows.
Okay, you can surly also, how I did it, take the funicular and only hang your camera over your shoulder. This is of course also possible…


The Wolf

Posted on Oktober 1st, 2014

At the beginning of my obsession with the DSLR, we made a trip through the USA. Therefore I buyed a better camera, than the small, old point’n’shoot, which I used before. Our journey leads us also through the Yellowstone Nationalpark.
At the second day on our drive through the Yellowstone, I discovered some parked cars at the roadside. My motto is: Are there some tourists on the wayside, stop and take a sight! :)
So also this time, and what a luck! There was a wolf coming out of the coppice and settled down right on the other roadside, as if there were no humans there. I took my camera and crawled behind the rear car and hold on it with my tele lens. Full format sized a wild wolf in the box – WOW!
A bit later on the same day, I drove on a parking lot, because there were a whole pack of tourists. All of them in a row and they were watching through some giant binoculars, planted on tripods.
A friendly guy told me, there was a wolf faraway between the bushes and sometimes it stuck up the head and you can see it. I was allowed to take  a watch through and really I could recoginze a pair of ears.
With a wide smile I walked back to the car, if they had known… :)