Posted on Dezember 7th, 2014

I was on my first journey with a DSLR, we just left the Yosemite Nationalpark and I saw at the border of the road some tourists hanging around.
And what should you do, if tourists are looking at something? Right, hold out, pick up your camera and explore the situation. There were two chinese guys with big cameras and large camera bags. They mounted their gear on tripods and put some large sqare filters in front of their lenses, as I now know it was a Lee filterset and on the other side of the street was a bored chinese girl waiting :)
I saw what they where shooting, a waterfall. And probably they want to have soft water. Hmmm, I already then knew how to do that too. I mounted my ND Filter, put my camera on my mini tripod, yes in the ancient time I wasn’t carrying a good tripod, I set my camera in AV mode und choose f/22 as the aperture. E voilà a soft looking waterfall and as I think not so bad, for a midday shot.


The winter is coming

Posted on Dezember 4th, 2014

Soon I can take images of the winter wonderland again. I only have to wait until weather in the alps are better and I can see some stars again.
Meantime I hope there will fall some snow again. The mountains are not fully covered with snow at the moment. But let us hope for a better winter in this season. Hopefully a lot better than the last one.


A thunderstorm is coming

Posted on Dezember 3rd, 2014

It was getting darker and darker, while I was reading a book. I thought, wow, the time was going by that fast. But no, there was as big cloud before the sun and I could hear the distant rumble of the upcoming thunderstorm.
What does the brave photographer in this situation? Right, he runs out and shoot images until the thick raindrops are falling from the sky. But first, the landscape was bathed in this dull, yellow light. It was looking a bit about doomsday :) and this at my holiday in southern France. But until the sky is only equal grey, the sky is more interesting with clouds than with boring blue, in my opinion.


The red house

Posted on Dezember 2nd, 2014

You can find this red house in Gamlebergen. Gamlebergen is an outdoor museum in Norway where you can find all the old houses which are not demolished, but instead moved from their old places to this amazing museum of bygone days.
And you will recover all over Norway these red, wooden houses. Maybe they painted it red, to find it again in the deep snow coverd winter landscapes. Or maybe they liked the color red. Or maybe the producer of red paint had a really good sales team :)
What ever the reason was, it is very characteristic in Norway and you can find all over the country these beautiful red houses.