Alpine glow

Posted on März 3rd, 2015

The sun sets, the moon rises and the mountains glows, in the winter wonderland.
After a three hour hike with Bubu the dog, we reached our starting point right on the time to see the alpine glow. It was an amazing walk through the deep snow, lonely with my dog.
Here in this valley is no winter sport available. You can only hike with snow shoes or touring skies, but there are no ski lifts. And therefore you can enjoy a very silent nature were you hear only your footsteps in the snow and some barks from the impatient dog, who has to wait for his slow human. And you know what’s the best? Bubu was not running away from the trail, because the snow was too deep for him :)


On the road

Posted on März 1st, 2015

After a stressful week I missed the deadline for my blog for several days. At the beginning of the week I had a bunch of work to do and I thought I could write a new article on wednesday. But on that day, I was working too long and at the end there was no time to write one.
Then we left our home for a longer weekend and drove to Meiringen, deep in the bernese alps. And what should I say, as we arrived our destination the sun was shining on a wonderful blue sky. So I grabbed my dog Bubu and went for a walk to the Rosenlaui. Wow, that was really awesome! The whole valley was covered with deep powder snow and there is not one ski lift or any other funicular. I could walk on my snow shoes nearly three hours to this absolutely beautiful winter wonderland.
And so I missed the next deadline… But friday, on friday the weather forecast predicted bad weather and so it was. The whole day wet snow or rain. But, my car was broken, the back door was no more closing, darn. We had to drive one hour to a service point to fix it and it cost me 600 bucks, darn again. After a very fine dinner, I was getting sick with my stomach, at my birthday! And so I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bed and missed the deadline again.
Okay saturday, the car is working, the weather is bad, but it should get better at the afternoon. I was lying in the bed and checked the foggy clouds through the windows. Nothing happend, the clouds were thick and the weather forecast guys told not the truth, for one more time. But! At half past four I saw the first blue spot in the sky, okay I was up faster as if a bee stinged me, packed my rucksack and drove again up to this wonderful valley and this time I left my dog at home, so I can shoot at night. You know, he doesn’t like to wait especially at night…
Half way up, my car stuck in wet snow, darn one more time. After much curses I had a snow chain mounted and came free, but darn the snow chain ripped. With much more curses I tried to mount the other one and missed. I tried to dismount the first one and missed too. I used a car-jack and it slipped away and stuck between the car and the floor AARRGHH  #@#&! After about an hour I could drive again. And I saw the burning sky through the forest *sigh!*.
But at the end I could shoot a few images of the alpine glow and I reached the Schwarzwaldalp as the dead end of the road. From here on, I had to walk 500m altitude difference until I reached the Grosse Scheidegg.
What a wonderful view! The moon was so bright and the snow reflected the light. Deep below me I saw Grindelwald and at the horizon I could see the Kleine Scheidegg and the starting point of the famous ski race of Lauberhorn. On the left hand I had the near wall of the Wetterhorn and the Eiger north face. Wow, how impressive to see this at night with a stunning sky above me. As you can assume I missed the deadline again and I don’t regret it, for this time :)

PS: If you want to see more impressions of this journey, then you have to wait until I processed it…