Star noise

Posted on Mai 3rd, 2015

Is there no moonlight and less light pollution, then you will see, how many stars are in the sky.
Unless the last pair of images I published, on this image you can see a very dark landscape. You may think, this landscape isn’t so dark at all, but watch the sky, compare it with my last images and see how many stars you can find on this image. The landscape is so bright, because I used the best gear I know for nightscape photography.
And now a bit technical information, this is a night HDR panorama image, boah! Yes it was veeery difficult to fix it together, that’s the reason, I published it one day later, it took me too long to fumble it together. First, it’s not possible to use an HDR software for a starry sky, you will get only dirty stripes. And then, 24mm was also not the best choice. Photoshop was not able to construct a pano, but with Kolor Autopano, which is now part of GoPro, was it possible to stitch it together. Also you have to fix all the manually parts, like the light trails of the car on the pass street, before you stitch it, because every stitch run will give you another, not compatible image to the other runs.