A long way to go – Conclusion

Posted on Januar 11th, 2016

Now, I have to walk back.
While the sun was climbing in the sky, I was climbing down the mountain. At the begining I was in the shadow of the Wartherhorn but when I was walking around the edge and the sun was a good part higher up in the sky, I was starting to sweat. While I was putting more and more of my clothes in my backpack the sun was climbing higher and higher.
You can belief me, on the top of a mountain and before the sun is visible, it can be very cold. But when the day is starting on this sunny summer day, the temperatures are climbing too. So I was back in the hotel, sweaty and tired, but right for the breakfast. Unfortunately, as you know, it was the day of departure and I had no chance to sleep. Lukily my wive can driving car too, else I don’t know what would happend if I was driving back home :)
And the conclusion is; if you bring up your lazy bones and go for a hike, even or escpecially at night, you will have always a good reminder of a fantastic time.


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