Posted on Mai 27th, 2015

When the spring days are getting longer and the air is warm and full filled of…
It could be so wonderfull to stay outside and enjoy the nature. Enjoying the sun and her warm rays on your skin and take a deep breath of the fresh spring air with all the fragrances of the blooming flowers. And: Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! It shakes you again and again like you are using a jackhammer.
Then you know, you sucked in, beside all the amazing spring fragrances, the pollen of the grass. Did you know, that all the yellow dust you can find on your car and elsewhere, are not so evil. The really hard stuff are the very fine pollen of the grass blades and they are a lot smaller, so you normaly don’t see it.
But one day, I was on the morning walk with Bubu, the dogs tail shaked some heavy loaded grass blades and I saw small clouds in the air. Ah there comes this ugly stuff from and a second later I thought, how can I get an image of this pollen? It was not that easy but I managed it. And after several tries, I pressed the shutter at the right moment.


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