Alone in the dark – part 8

Posted on Februar 23rd, 2016

Watch this beautiful panoramic view of the Bernese Alps. (ZOOM IN!)
While I was waiting for the sun and the strong wind tugged vainly on my wind proof outdoor cloths, I started to get bored. But why waiting for the sunrise without making photos?
So I took my 100mm Canon lens and mounted it on my lightweight Sony A7r. By the way, this was my first trip without a canon body. But anyway, I focused by hand, because the autofocus was not working and with zooming into the liveview I could do this easily. And next time I will also turn off the IS because with long apperture times and mounted on a tripod, the IS worked contrary and it shacked the image.
Luckily this panorama image was such huge, that I shrinked it to a usable width of 6144 pixel and the unsharpness is no more visible. Meanwhile the Foen was collapsing and the storm front was pressing the clouds over the mountains. But I was still optimistic, because the Foen is stronger in the eastern part, so I hopefully can see the sunrise.
An Explanation for all Non-Swiss people, the Fön is a strong, warm wind coming from Africa over the Alps. This wind can be very strong with speeds up to 160km/h and if a blast hits you, it feels like a hot hair dryer is blowing in your face. That’s why a hair dryer in Switzerland is called a Fön.


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