Alone in the dark – part 9

Posted on Februar 25th, 2016

What did I write – alone in the dark?
I was walking alone in the middle of the night through nomans land, just me and the stars in the sky. And I reached the sky way before the sunrise. At first I put on some warmer cloths, because the wind was really fresh. I always cary an extra warm primaloft jacket in my backpack for a languorous cosiness.
I took some panoramic shots with my 100mm lens and I also realized one or two people coming up to the peak. But then suddenly, as I turned me around, I was surprised. Where came all the people from? Normaly I can enjoy my peak experience alone. And then it was very clear, because on the other side of the peak is a mountain hotel and it can comfortably reached by a train.
Well all the lazy bones, had a good night’s rest and can enjoy now the sunrise before they get a breakfast and drive back by train :)


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