Posted on Januar 27th, 2014

Andromeda our neighbour galaxy. It’s the nearest galaxy to the milkyway and it’s only 2.5 million lightyears away, with a diameter or nearly 1 million lightyears. Andromeda is the largest object at the sky which you can see by your eyes in very dark nights. The surface at the sky is larger than the moon but less more bright.
This was my first try to get an image of Andromeda. And I’m not very happy with it. It should possible to get more contrast in the inner part of the spiral galaxy. I tried it one year later again and I’m much more happier with the other result, which I’ll show you next week. But still, there is more potential to get a better image.
I took 5 images with 300mm at the 60D by f/9 and 3200ISO, don’t ask me why f/9.


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