April weather as usual

Posted on April 6th, 2015

Looking for great spots and planing interesting tours while you stay in the mountains.
But *sigh* like the last few times I spent a few days on holidays, the weather luck was not with me. I drove with heavy snowfall up to Sedrun and the snow was falling the whole night. In the morning, the landscape was covered with beautiful fresh snow and the sky was still covered with clouds. Time to go for a walk with Bubu, while I was walking the sun was coming out and burned down on the snow. Hey, I thought, the weather is getting better and my mood was getting better too. But then the clouds are coming back again and before the sunset light was colorizing the sky, the sky was vanished again.
This image from the Oberalppass, I could take short before the clouds covered the sky completely. You can see the trail of the path up to the mountain I would take. But more than this image I couldn’t take.
The only thing I could keep was my sunburn. Because there was no sun, as I started with Bubu and I forgot to use my sun blocker cream. And well, I could tell you, this was a real burner, during the afternoon I become more and more reddish and at the evening I was red like Hellboy from Marvel.
So the only colorful thing I could take home, from this holidays, is my face, therefore: Happy easter :/


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