Biting cold in Tschappina

Posted on Februar 14th, 2014

You know, Tschappina, the place who didn’t wants to get on an image. Before my second journey I checked the whole day the weather forecast and the webcams. And it looks good, very good. Not any cloud at the sky and the moon was also not in sight. Okay, I thought, go for it! Packed my gear and drove 2 hours up to the place of my desire. I parked my car watched the sky, perfect. It was damn cold, under -20°C, but hey no risk no fun. Packpack up and walked the steep hill upside. And you don’t believe, I was sweating, it was really steep. Then as I thought I’m high enough, I walked more to the east, to get a spot over the hill down to the valley. But what was that? FOG! The whole valley was full of FOG! NO, not again!
Sigh, the only view,without fog, I had was to a near Mountain. Okay, take some pictures and go home, frustrated…


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