Castle Wolfenstein

Posted on November 30th, 2013

To take this shot we had to walk through a dark forest crossing a cemetery in the middle of the night. Only the moonlight brighten up the dark wood. There where strange noises around us, but we are going forward and fightend us to the dark wilderness until we reached the clearance in the middle of this ancient forest. Now we didn’t hear any noises anymore, it looks that even the animals left this dangerous place.
But as brave photographers as we are, we didn’t give up. We crawled through the mud to a small bush where we can hide us for our photoshooting. This castle looks suspicious like the infamous Castle Wolfenstein. Who knows what’s going on there and look at the strange packages in the front. Better not think about it…
Know we had to concentrate us for our job. Build the tripods, setup up the cameras, is the focus correct, what f-stop I should use and what is the shutter speed? Now press the trigger, argh, the shutter is so loud… but yes it fits! It’s looking good we’ve done it!
Then I packed my gear together turned me around and left Schloss Hegi  by walking across the street to my car and drove home.


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