Fall 2014 – job done

Posted on November 20th, 2014

It was a hard piece of work, but now everything is done and all leaves are dropped. Except some sqatter are still hanging around.
Therefore everything is ready for the winter and the snow can come now. It was not easy to suck all the chlorophyll back to the main storage. And to coordinat all the undocking maneuvers was this year real stressy. After I thought this summer was way too cold and all my fruits were anyway crippled because of the missing light, and I have to prepare for a long winter with too little saved energy.
But then the autumn was way better and I stopped the pre programmed undocking process and worked hard to suck as much sunlight as possible. But at the end, everything was finished early enough for this winter. So folks, I’m going to sleep, see ya next spring!
– Your Tree


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