Flowers high up on the mountains

Posted on November 23rd, 2015

After my arriving in Austria, Bubu has to go for a pee.
So I took em and lift him on the chairlift and drove with the very last chair up to the top. Therefore was no chance to ride back to the valley and we had to walk down. Short after we left our chairlift I saw this nice blue flowers with the amazing view to the mountains in the back and I took my small Sony and shoot this image.
Meanwhile has my friend Bubu has other things in his little head. I heared some birds whistling and thought okay, they are high in the air, because I couldn’t find them. And then I saw the naughty dog sniffing and snooping nervously around. And zack, he runs away.
What Bubu likes, on all our walks, is digging for mice. So what can I say, all around us on the hill, I could find this mountain rats, also called marmots. Bubu was in the element, he doesn’t found only holes he could see, hear and smell all this big mice.
Okay, bubu is not the fastest hunter nor does he have any strategic sense and way before he reached a marmot, it was gone and hidden in the hole. I only hoped, bubu will not bite by a marmot because he stuck his nose so deep in the holes.
After a while, I runned behind this silly dog, shouting angry after him, I could catch em and for the rest of the walk he has to stay ‘online’ :)


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