Illuminated ways

Posted on Februar 5th, 2015

On the ground the illuminated way through the mountains and above us the illuminated way of the stars, the Milky Way.
I optimized and optimized allways the technique to get starscapes with visible landscapes. But this location under this conditions was a really hard piece of work. I shot this with my Canon 6D and a Samyang 14mm f/2.8. It was a moonless night a valley in the middle of the alps with narrow mountains around me and it was pitch dark.
For this image I took 4 shots. The first one was over 240 seconds with 800 ISO @ f/4 guided with an astronomical tracker. This brought me the beautiful sky. For the foreground without a smearing effect, I turned off the tracker and made a second shot with the same settings. But it was way too dark. Okay I need more light and I pushed up the ISOs to 1600 with 240 seconds, but it is still too dark. Well I thought, go to the limit and I shot a last one with 3200 ISO over 480 seconds! And I became a visible landscape, dark but visible.
It was really difficult to get a usable image under this conditions but I mastered it :) It took me about an hour to walk to this spot and more than a half hour to take this single image and another hour to post process it.


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