Incredibly lot of stars

Posted on Juni 28th, 2014

This is in fact only a testshot, to see whether you can see the Milky Way. Oh yeah! You can!
I took this shot in the middle of autumn and also in an area with a lot of light pollution. But anyway you can see the Milky Way very clear. What me fascinated on this picture is, how incredibly many stars you can see, because of the extrem long exposure time.
I made this image with an astronomical mounting, called Astrotrac. This allowed me to take an exposure time of 240 seconds. And I took 11 shots which makes a total of 2640 seconds or 44 minutes exposure time. With 16mm focal lenght at f/2.8 and 1600 ISO on a Canon 5DmkII.
Please watch this Image in full resolution and zoom in – it’s crazy how many stars you’ll see!


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