It’s not the sun

Posted on November 9th, 2015

This is light pollution and not the rising sun.
Often the people congratulates me to shoot such an intense sunrise or sunset. But I can tell you, if the sunlight would still be visible at the horizon, you wouldn’t see the milkyway. To say it clear; if you see an image with the milkyway and a sunset glow at the horizon, it is surly a composition. It is also not possible to get an image of the milkyway, if the moon is shining. Maybe you can see a gleam of our galaxy but surly not more.
What you can see on this image is the light pollution from Italy which comes over the alps. And because of the rest of the clouds on the horizon, it glows so intense. In central europe is nearly no place anymore where you don’t have a strong light pollution. Even here in the middle of the alps over 2200m you still can see the city lights of the towns and villages.
But as you can see, light pollution doesn’t have to be bad in all cases. Because you will get this nice orange glow as a contrast to the green and blue tones of the nature. On the other hand, more milkyway you wont see in Europe, if you want to see more of it, then you have to take a plane.


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