Late night show

Posted on Juni 10th, 2015

If the day goes to the end, you can either watch tv or you go out and watch nature.
In my last post I gave you the advice to go early enough to see the sunrise. But why go not a bit earlier and you can see all the beautiful stars too?
So I did it and I was early enough on the peak and I could take some nice starscapes of the alpine skyline. And like always again, I am surprised how much light, my dream team, the Sony A7s with the Samyang 24mm f/1.4 , can take. It’s really amazing what I get. This is a manually made HDR image out of 3 images with 2EV steps. And it’s so easy to take the image, set the bracket series and push the button.
One tip, if you are also a Sony shooter: bracket series are a bit foolish on the sony cams. You can not take a bracket serie with 2 second timer delay, you have allway press the shutter until the third image is running. But if you use an external shutter release with a cable, then you can use the bulb pusher and you will not shake your image.


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