Let’s get pink

Posted on November 16th, 2014

The reward after a steep climb and short night was the view to the red painted mountains by the very first sunrays of the day.
I was reaching the peak after the sun was setting behind the horizon. I took some shots built up my tent and took a short nap. Because of the clouds I couldn’t take starscapes. But later this night the clouds were gone and I could take some amazing shots, but more on this another time. After another short nap and this time I was up early enough, I could see the sunrise.
And it was amazing to see the very first rays with the red light and the long shadows over the valleys. Between some shots, I always saw another interesting light scene, I was packing together. And then, sometime while I was running around, I must lost my tent pegs. I was searching like crazy, but in the high grass I didn’t found it anymore. Darn, after this sunrise such a mistake, I picked up my backpack and was walking frustrated back home. But what a surprise! Then I saw the tent pegs lying in the grass, the day was saved! :)


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