Posted on Juni 18th, 2015

The Water ist falling thunderously down over the cliff.
One of the must have points in Switzerland is the Rhinefall near Schaffhausen. Although I’m living only 15 minutes away, I was never visiting it for a photo shooting. But at this evening was the weather not bad and I thought why not visiting water instead of mountains.
And so it comes that I spend an evening at the Rhinefall. All the tourists take pictures with their mobiles and point’n’shoot cameras. And because the water is floating so fast and it splashes and so the image is very wild.
But there is an easy way to calm down the Rhine, take a long time exposure, longer than 1 second. If it’s not possible, because it is to bright, take sunglasses for you camera, an ND filter. E voilà the image is now very smooth.


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