On the Selun

Posted on Juli 25th, 2014

I don’t know whether I have told this story, but anyhow: My friend and I were climbing on the Mountain at night. A really hard climb, really steep and lightly bent. If you are watching upwards, you can see the end at the horizon, okay only a bit more crucifying and then you are there. But no! After half an hour or so, another look upwards and the horizon is still in the exact same distance.
This hill kills me pretty much, escpecially with all the camera gear on my back.
But now it comes really hard; short after we arrived the top, there is another guy coming up, take a fast image with his iPhone with flash! and goes down again. What a madcap, but now it becomes more worse. So after two or three hours later, we were still photographing, the same guy was coming again with four of his dudes on his tow. And this time the fellows were RUNNING UP! This should be FORBIDDEN!
After I was on the top, I was nearly to a heart attack, but these guys were still fresh, they didn’t were gasping and more worse, they agreed upon the next mountain right after this! This should be really forbidden…


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