Sunrise on the Baederalp

Posted on Mai 30th, 2014

The attentive reader may remember my trip here on the Baederalp, when I took the wrong way. You can see the lonely house and there I should take the way left, which leads up to the Baederhorn, this is the 2000m mountain behind the house. But Mr. Fear took the way to the other direction, in to the forrest where you can see exactly nothing. And it was such a clear night without moon, good to see the milkyway … okay enough beeing fussy.
After I was back, I saw some other people, which took the right way, disappear behind the hill. So, when I already missed the nightsky, then I should make some sunrise images. I crossed the cow wire OUCH!, and stepped into the meadow. After I displaced some cows, which tried to eat my backpack, I could take an image of  this beautiful sunrise.


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