The beautiful sea of fog

Posted on Mai 23rd, 2014

It was one of these grey and foggy day in the autumn and I told me, why not go and see the other side of the fog. And so I packed my rucksack, jumped in my car and drove to the mountains.
After a short ride with the cablecar and a longer hard climb up to the Mythen, I missed the sunset. But all my hopes to see the beauty of the sea of fog are beaten by this extraordinary view down to the world. You can still see the orange sunset while up in the sky the stars are already blinking. And then, the lights through the fog, how amazing! I was really impressed by this wonderful sightseeing down to the civilisation.
After some shooting hours on the peak, I walked back to my car, this time I have to walk the whole way down, the cablecars are no more working after midnight. I reached the car at one o’clock and I was back at home approximately at three o’clock – good night. :)


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