The cooling down

Posted on Juli 25th, 2015

Enjoying the last sunrays of the day, is just the beginning of the adventure….
It was hot and I was glad to enter my climated car to drive for the next two hours up to the mountains. As late as always I missed a good part of the sunset. Sometimes I saw behind a mountain an interesting light or a peak illuminated by the sun. But deep in the valley and between high mountains, it was not the best view for a photo.
And so I was driving, without any stop, all the way up to the Furkapass. I was coming around the last corner, when I could see down to the other side of the mountain pass. Wow, how cool is this? If I was there a few minutes earlier, I wouldn’t stop, because the light wouldn’t be that great.
I stopped the car and jumped out, holy crap! I was standing there with my short pants, it was around 30°C when I was started, and there was a cold wind blowing me nearly away. Before I could shoot an image I had to put on my long pants, and a jacket, what a difference to the rest of Europe, where the people were sweating to death. But hey, this was a very welcome cooling down.


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