The daily thunder

Posted on November 20th, 2015

Every night around eleven o’clock, they are coming over our home village.
It’s the time, when I go for the last walk with Bubu the dog, first I hear it and then short after, they are thundering directly over my head, on their way to a far away destination. And they are so deep, I can see all the details on the planes and they are using the landing light all the time until I can’t see theme anymore in the sky.
So how to get an image of this planes? Planning is everything and I thought, it could be looking good, if the landscape is lighted by the moon and when is more light from the moon as in a fullmoon night? And it should also be a clear night, so I can see the stars and the planes. So the time comes, when everything was right and I left my home and hiked to the nearly hill for a good overview.
Okay, some parts are not as expected. The planes are not flying directly over the village and they are much higher as I thought. Also the moon was coming over the horizon, short before the planes were coming, so two days earlier would be more light. But on the other hand I have more sunset like, long shadows. Because I shoot this image in June, the sun setted not long ago and we can see last glow at the horizon and not only the light pollution.


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