The rain magnet

Posted on August 8th, 2015

The only rain cloud over whole Europe, was exactly above me.
Yes that’s true, I found it again. After driving two and a half hour until I reached the top of the Gotthard pass, it beguns to rain. And with a check on the rain radar app, I had the certainty, it was the only one, a small one just a bit larger than the spot which marks my position on the map.
Darn, I thought I could walk to a lake and take photos of a clear night sky and now it rains. But wait! It’s only a small cloud and therefore it is a chance the rain will stop soon, because the cloud is passed by.
I waited a half an hour and yes it stops to rain. The clouds where still there but I thought I have a good chance that the clouds will disappear too. And so I started hiking while the clouds covered the most part of the sky and walked into the darkness full of hope…


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