Val Bondasca

Posted on Juni 26th, 2015

A long way to go until I reached the destination.
As we started to drive to one of the farest point we can reach from here in the flatlands, was it still raining. It was faster to drive over Italy to reach this valley in the south of Switzerland.
After I saw this view, I thought how is it even possible to reach the hut of Sciora. This mountains are so high, the valley is so narrow and the walls are so steep.
Take a closer look, then you can see, at the far end of the valley, a gray band, like an autobahn. This is a massiv rockfall of a few million cubic meter of stones, fallen down from the Piz Cengalo. And if you look more closer, then you see some green behind the rockfall. And at the point, where the green is finishing, directly at the left border of the valley, there, in the steep wall, is the hut of Sciora, where we spent the night.
At this point I thought, hell why are we doing this…


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