Watching the full moon

Posted on Dezember 21st, 2013

Another image of my early night shooting phase. We spend a weekend in Arosa, a ski resort in Switzerland, before the big snow was falling and ski season starts. At the day I was walking with my dear buddy bubu, you know him and watching where I could get some nice starscapes in the night. Because this was in my testing phase and my wife wouldn’t  be amused, when I stay the whole night outside the hotel room, I was looking for a place where I could drive by car and don’t need walking to far.
This place I could reach by a half hour of walking, but there was another limitation. In the city of Arosa you can’t driving car after midnight, it  is forbidden. So I was a bit under pressure to get back early enough.
This image is the result of 8 shots in series for noise reduction and 3 shots for HDR. And you have to excuse my strange facial expression. I had to sit there without any movement for about one minute, watching directly into to the full moon :)


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