Wet feet

Posted on Dezember 27th, 2013

It was at a sunny, warm day in April. My friend and I had our typical itchy feeling in our index fingers, time to go for a nightly photowalk! Our destination was the Gräpplensee in the Toggenburg region. After a steep walking in a dark forest, a strange thing happend; we arrived a large snow field between the trees. Because it was warm I was wearing my normally walking shoes, so I was gliding around while I was walking upwards. It costs a lot of power to go up. But the worst part was coming, after we reached the ridge.
Our destination the lake was in a small valley and to get there we had to walk down in the snow, sinking deeply into the snow at every step, until the knees. And all the snow was gliding in my shoes and under my feet. I hate wet feet!
And after we were down at the lake, we didn’t saw it, because it was still under thick layer of ice. And last but not least, there were clouds coming up. Sigh! But after the first test shots, while I was very frustrated, I got this image. Look at this, what a great mood! Because of the clouds, the stars are getting larger and more glowing, how beautiful!
And the conclusion of this; I will never more go for a walk without good hiking shoes and spats. Did I mentioned; I hate wet feet!


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