What shines through the fog there?

Posted on September 7th, 2015

Within minutes the weather has changed.
Where had I ended? Ah yes, … and I turned me around and it blows me away! While I was taking a few photos to the northern direction, all the clouds are gone and only a thin fog was left. And what can we see there? A brighter band of light, that’s maybe the Milkyway.
Because I was walking the wrong way, it was nearly midnight, when I reached the peak. If I were earlier on the top, then I had seen nothing and because of the cold wind, I certanly left the top frustrated a few minutes later. But so I was at the top, nearly to the best time to see the Milkyway. What a moody image and within seconds all the fog was dissolved and I could take one of the most intense shot of the Milkyway which is possible in the centre of Europe, but stay tuned and see it in my next article.


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