Posted on Mai 22nd, 2015

Do you know that one funny guy who always want to be on a picture?
You maybe know that, you want to take an image of an awesome landscape and ‘whooosh’, there he is. You made an image of the dude you never wanted for. Photobombers are a major problem in the photography business. More often you have destroyed images of the photo bomber community guys.
And what I never thought, that my faithful companion Bubu is one of them! I was so shocked…
And I screamed: “Ey Bubu! Go away!” and he answerd: “Nana nanana…” ARGHH!!!


Cold Sophie and her fellas

Posted on Mai 17th, 2015

Driving 400km to the mountains and all I got is this.
Can you see the mighty peaks of the Wild Emperor Mountains in the background? Neither I could see it, all my five holidays long. It was really a bitter frustration to be the second time in the same area and again all days are covered with thick clouds or more better it rained.
The plan was to climb up to the Feldberg stay there in minimum the half night to shoot the impressive skyline of the ‘Wilder Kaiser Gebirge’ and the time was also right to see the milkyway, but the weather was planning it otherwise.
You know, the hope will die at least and so I will try it again.


On the way up

Posted on Dezember 14th, 2014

I packed my rucksack, grabed my camera and was on my way up to the mountain, called Kitzbuehlerhorn. It was a steep way up and the sightseen was amazing.
It was clear and the humidity was not so high, therefore I had a good panoramic sight. I was fighting upwards and from time to time I was shooting a photo. After a while the peak looks very near and I was pleased to enjoy the panorama on the deserted peak. I walked around the last corner and … What is this???
There was a funicular at the other side and that’s not all, there was a road too. Not a dirty off-road, no a tarred street for cars. And there was also a restaurant and a whole bunch of tourists walking around with flip-flops and other not mountain proof clothes.
What a shock, no silent peak experience, I shot some images and walked the way back down.


Dawn in Austria

Posted on Dezember 11th, 2014

The most time in this week, where I spent in Austria, it rained like hell. But then from time to time, the clouds have broken up and a wonderful lightning could be seen.
But beside of the small gleam of hope, it was a boring week. The most time I was reading books on the bed in a small hotel room. As you can see, the next village was far away from this alp. The best thing was the food, it was always excellent, unlike the weather. But then, the weather was getting better, because it was our last day and we left the next morning, hooray…


Alpine roses

Posted on November 27th, 2014

I found these beautiful flowers at my afternoon hike with Bubu. But I thought to me, what a bad light I have at the early summer afternoon.
And so I came back right in time for the alpine glow to shoot the flowers in a stunning illumination. During the sunset is the light so much better than with daylight and hard shadows under a burning sun. But it is also time critical, there are only a few minutes when you see the red light at the mountains until the whole entchantmet is gone, so be there early enough.
If it’s possible to shoot during sunset or sunrise, go for it, even if it’s hard to stand up early in the morning. And belief me, I hates to stand up early…


A breath of the Milky Way

Posted on Oktober 17th, 2014

As a central European is it not easy, if you want to take some pictures of our galaxy. First it is often cloudy and if there are no clouds, then the moon is shining.
But if at newmoon are no clouds in the sky, then you will recognize how strong the light pollution is. Here in Austria near the village of Warth, from the right is pressing the light of a settlement into the image and the interessting center of the Milky Way, where you can only see between May and the end of July, is at the beginning of August already hidden behind the horizon.
After all you can see the Milky Way very clearly and despite of a pitch dark night, I succeeded to get the surroundings visible on the image.


Sunset in the moor

Posted on Oktober 8th, 2014

I was here at the same afternoon, in this marshy high plateau. But the light was not as good as I wanted, it was simply to hard.
Therefore I decided to go again after the dinner, at the right time for the sunset. And lo and behold, it was worth it. Awesome how the mountains are red lighted by the deep standing sun. With such a beautiful light the colors are much stronger as in the blazing sun.


An alpine meadow

Posted on Oktober 6th, 2014

A chaotic mess, harmonically orchestrated before a well fitting panorama, this can you find often in the alps. But only who has the effort, to climb up the long way down from the valley up to the mountain. Climbing over all the rocks with all the necessary luggage, including all the heavy photo gear, under the hot and burning summer sun, has a chance to see the high-lying alpine meadows.
Okay, you can surly also, how I did it, take the funicular and only hang your camera over your shoulder. This is of course also possible…


The wild emperor (Wilder Kaiser)

Posted on September 24th, 2014

I can tell you, this emperor was really wild, a whole week long continuous rain. Together with a room in a hotel, isolated on a mountain pasture. You can belief me I was in a real good mood…
Really rearly you coud see the sun. Therefore I was really excited, I could recognize, that there are also some mountains in the Tirol. But okay, so I could at least get a picture at the sunset and this get me a bit mood in the picture so far.


Bloomy Monday

Posted on Juli 14th, 2014

And again it’s Monday, let’s take the new week! For week start some colorful alpine flowers as anticipation for all of you who also goes for a walk in the mountains. And for all others a thought-provoking impulse, what kind of gorgeous things you can find in the mountains. There is not only the beach at the sea as a worthwhile destination.
In this sense, I wish you all a good week start or wonderful holidays.