Papa and son

Posted on Juli 13th, 2014

It seemed it could get a spectacular sunset. Therefore I sat in my car and was driving around in the Emmental, until I found a place where I had a good sight on the spectacle.
Here up by the Chuderhüsi – WHAT? Chudrhlsi what? Yes people, I know, but it calls so. In the Emmental there are some strange names for us lowland folks, but anyway, here up at the Chuderhüsi I found a really nice place were I had a beautiful framing und the clouds were stunning enlighted by the deep standing sun.


Fullmoon over Alpstein

Posted on Juli 12th, 2014

After an awesome sunset, the fullmoon was rising in the eastern sky. And because I was on the peak of the Faehnerenspitz while the sunset, I had enough time to look out for the best places with sightseeing, while I was walking down.
Whereas the moon was already high in the sky and his light was falling over the Appenzell and the residents were preparing for bed time, there was one jerk up on the hill making images of a really clear fullmoon night…


The blue hours of Bergen

Posted on Juli 10th, 2014

Normaly you have one blue hour after the sunset. But not so here up in the north, where the blue hour is going on the half night.
This is good, because you have a lot of time to take nice nightshots of th cities but for nightshots with a starry sky is this the wrong location, during the summer.
But even when you you can’t take starscapes, there are a lot of other beautiful objects you can shoot, like the city of Bergen at night.


The sunny side

Posted on Juli 9th, 2014

If you are looking the whole day to a gray sky, it has not to mean, there is no sun. On the top of the mounains, above the sea of fog, you may find a much more beautiful world.
While the day is come to an end and the sun is hiding behind the horizon, the poor pigs down in the valley enjoying the end of a gray day.
Good I took the time and the effort to climb up the way on the mount Mythen.



Posted on Juli 8th, 2014

Strange name, but so it calls in norway. This is only the end of the mighty glacier, at the top of the summit, is a lot more of the glacier. But also this glacier was shrinken between the last 10 years.
I imagined, because of the images I had seen, this glacier a lot bigger and more mighty. Although, if you climbing over the stones and going nearer to the ice, it is still impressive large.
Ah by the way a small anecdote, as we climbing to the direction of the glacier for a better sighting, there was a loud bang above us in the ice, like a canon shot. My friend gulped once empty, driveled something about a shot across the bow and then I saw him hiding at the horizon, but there was nothing coming down :)


Bloomy monday

Posted on Juli 7th, 2014

For all who want to have the summer back, a sunny smile of the friendly sunflowers.
I found this field near my hometown. While I was waiting until the sun was setting and the sky become the full red color, unexpectedly I saw the smile on the this sunflower. So I thought, how can the week better start as with a sunny smile?
Therefore we, the flowers and me, wishes you a beautiful week!


And the ferry is gone

Posted on Juli 6th, 2014

At this point the street is ending and further you can only go with the ferry. Foolish if you can see this image with the ferry from behind, then you have to wait another 24h at this point of nowhere, until the next ferry is coming.
But good for us, we were coming via the ferry from Lysebotn and have just left it. Because in a short while we took the road in the other direction,  left the Lysefjord and drove further on our journey through Norway.


Sightseeing from Mount Mythen

Posted on Juli 4th, 2014

This is an image, which I like especially much. First you have a wonderfull sightseeing from the Mount Mythen to the mountains in Kanton Glarus. And second I like how the mountains are stacked to the horizon.
What I also like is the clearness, which is missing in many nightshots, because of the high ISO noise. There is nearly no noise in this image. You can see this if you watch and enjoy the image in full size.


Golden light over the Appenzell

Posted on Juli 2nd, 2014

After a long period of waiting for good weather, predicted the weather forecast, at least one beautiful evening. Okay, go for it and what can I say, the weather gurus were right.
While I was climbing up to the peak of the Faehnerenspitz, the sun was going down at the horizon and throw the golden light on the landscape. Well, this had to be photographed, who knows when you can see the sun so clear and cloudless at a sunset.


The wild river

Posted on Juli 1st, 2014

To see the Latefossen in Norway from the street view, is an impressive sight. But if you take the effort to climb up the hill, then you can see a real nature spectacle.
It was real noisiness in near environment and the spray was floating in the air and makes the gear wet. Good to have a splash water protected model.