Moonshine valley

Posted on Mai 10th, 2015

When the moon rises, the milkyway fades out and the landscape begins to shine.
At the beginning of the night I could see a very intense milkyway behind a dark landscape. But with the rising moon the landscape got more light and shadows. This was my last image of the night on this day. On the eastern sky I could already see a silver lining, time to pack together and go the long way back to home.
As we started our way back, was the landscape still very dark, but soon I could turn of my headlamp, short after I pulled off my rain pants and another night in the mountains was over. Before we reached the car, we crossed the first hikers on their way up, well they didn’t know what they had missed.


Light and shadows

Posted on Februar 23rd, 2015

Deep in the mountains, when the moon is rising and the shadows are playing with landscape, then you should take your camera and enjoy it.
After we reached, late in the night, the point short befor the path is going down to the valley, we thought, now is the right place and time to stay and shoot until the sun will come back again.
We had clear conditions, the moon was rising and the landscape was changing from image to image. On every new image I saw the shadows at a different place. So I pressed the butten again and again until I noticed the vanishing stars, because of the rising sun. Time to say goodbye and walk the long way back.



Posted on Februar 20th, 2015

A gorgeous view over the Alpstein and the Sämtisersee.
At this point I thought there are too many clouds in the sky for the night and maybe I couldn’t see too many stars. But a half hour later all clouds were disappeard and the sky was wonderful clear for the rest of the night.
We, Koni and me walked the whole way along the mountains until we reached the end of the valley. Then we made photos until the dawn begun and we walked through the valley back. It was a long nightly photowalk with a lot of images.



Posted on Februar 15th, 2015

The bright light pollution in the left corner is the Rhine valley. In german it’s called Rheintal and the inhabitants they call it Rhintl.
I was here on the Alpstein, the near mountains of Appenzell, in the middle of the night and was looking for some starscape images. On this image you can clearly see how intense the light pollution is, even here on the mountains.
On the right corner you can also see the distinctive view of the mountains called Chrüzberg. It was a clear night, not too cold and a few minutes after I took this image the moon was rising up behind me.
Ah, if you ask what this strange smearing above the Rhintl is, this is not a post processing mistake, this is our galaxy the Milky Way :)


Milky Way in the dawn

Posted on Januar 16th, 2015

The moon was set long ago and the sky begun to lighten up, as the Milky Way was visible.
Bit by bit I could see the galaxy, which is appearing behind the near mountain. This was the last shot of the night, when the darkness was displaced by the light of the rising sun. Nearly two hours before the sun is visible at the horizon, the sky is getting brighter and the stars disappears. So all the work has be done and the photographer could go home to his well-earned sleep.


No moon, no snow

Posted on Dezember 30th, 2014

It was a short trip to the Seealpsee in Appenzell. It was for a test shooting with my Sony A7s.
The reason for this place was the darkness. Between the narrow and steep mountains it was no light left from the cities. It was unbelievable dark, I could only see the horizon and the red light on the Säntis. Under this conditions it was not possible to get a useable photo with my Canon 6D, even when I was shooting up to 8 minutes, was the image too dark.
But look at this, one single shot, no stacking, no long exposure only a 10 seconds exposure. Okay it is a bit noise in it, because of the used 12800 ISO, but it is still a pretty nightshot under the hardest conditions I know. I’m really excited about this camera, it will make the night shooting so much easier for me.


The Shire

Posted on Dezember 22nd, 2014

One night, I was hiking deep into the wild mountains, I found the place where the Hobbits are living.
Just before I took the image I saw Bilbo walking up to his house, you can see the lights shining through the windows behind the trees. Only a bit earlier and I cached him, but so I could take an awesome image of the setting moon. Two minutes later was the moon hide away. It’s amazing how bright the moon is, if you shoot images with 3200 ISO. If you can shoot with more ISO you will probably see through the stones :)


Du trittst im Morgenrot daher…

Posted on August 1st, 2014

Today it becomes patriotic, because we are celebrating the Swiss national holiday. There are swinging Flags, blown alpenhorns and yodeling.
As a real “Eidgenosse” I would like to celebrate too, but there is Bubu. And Bubu has a big problem with all the fireworks, were you can hear banging the whole long day.
Therefore we are disappear each year in a foreign country, thereby our furry friend doesn’t get a heart attack. And he doesn’t have to hide it the whole long day, shivering, in the shower cabin.
For all other Swiss: have fun at the 1. of August with all the fireworks!


Fullmoon over Alpstein

Posted on Juli 12th, 2014

After an awesome sunset, the fullmoon was rising in the eastern sky. And because I was on the peak of the Faehnerenspitz while the sunset, I had enough time to look out for the best places with sightseeing, while I was walking down.
Whereas the moon was already high in the sky and his light was falling over the Appenzell and the residents were preparing for bed time, there was one jerk up on the hill making images of a really clear fullmoon night…


Golden light over the Appenzell

Posted on Juli 2nd, 2014

After a long period of waiting for good weather, predicted the weather forecast, at least one beautiful evening. Okay, go for it and what can I say, the weather gurus were right.
While I was climbing up to the peak of the Faehnerenspitz, the sun was going down at the horizon and throw the golden light on the landscape. Well, this had to be photographed, who knows when you can see the sun so clear and cloudless at a sunset.