A long way to go – part 1

Posted on Dezember 15th, 2015

Yes, I fooled the weather!
You know, everytime I stayed a weekend in Austria, exactly this weekend was rainy until we left on the sunday morning, when the sun came back. But this time, we booked one day longer and while on sunday morning the rain was still falling and the clouds were hanging at the peaks until the evening, they vaporized before midnight.
Ha, I set the alarm clock at one o’clock in the night and climbed the mountain during the night. Our hotel is directly beside the valley station of the chair lift, unfortunately it was not running during the night. So I had first to climb the hill until I was on the height of the top station. You can see the lights of the hotel down in the valley where I started.


A huge panorama

Posted on Dezember 12th, 2015

The last image of my afternoon hike should be this very large panoramic shot.
For this image I changed my lens from wide angle to my 100mm. But I doesn’t use a tripod and shoot all the 40 images of this panorma by hand. My computer had to work for a long time until all images were stiched together. But at the end I get this amazing panorma of 30’000 x 8’000 pixels.
If you zoom in you can even see the people on the other side of the valley. Enjoy it!

This is a small version, click here for the medium version. Unfortunately only 16384 pixels width are working :(



An afternoon hike – part 6

Posted on Dezember 7th, 2015

Why is Bubu looking so tired?
Well, can you see how steep the slope is? It was really steep and my little friend here, has nothing others in mind as, running to every marmot hole he can find. And they were not directly by the trail.
It was always the same routine, Bubu hears a whistle, his ears flaps outside, he gets a rigit look and a second later he was running downwards. And long time before he reached the hole, the rat was hidden and laughing it ass off. After he reached the first hole, Bubu saw another marmot and started again to the second hole. And this goes on and on and on.
I thought either Bubu gets an heart attack or I can carry him down to the valley, because he is finished. But luckily Bubu masterd the whole way until we were back again by the car, where he unloaded his dirt filled fur in my cars trunk.


An afternoon hike – part 5

Posted on Dezember 6th, 2015

After Bubu had pimped up his fur, we meet this guy.
It’s not that common to find horses up on an alp and so we were a bit surprised to find a horse herd between cows and marmots.
And while we hiking along the trail, this young foal comes to meet us and watched us curious. Okay, I thought, if you watching me, then I will photographing you.
I tried to get a really near shot with my ultra wide angle lens, so I’ll get this big mouth in front. But after a few shots, Bubu has to check what that interesting is which I’m looking for. The foal saw Bubu too and he was more interesting than the dump photographer. And short after, mama horse was also coming to keep us on distance to her child. So my portrait session was finished before it has started.


An afternoon hike – part 4

Posted on Dezember 4th, 2015

Watch our hero! And he is so proud about his work.
As I promised you, this is what happens, if Bubu finds a mud hole. Because he likes to take a bath, he’s entering every larger puddle. Bad things can happen, if the puddle contains more mud than water.
And I can tell you, even two hours later, the mud layer was still there and the trunk of my car was also a dirt pool. At the end, after I was back in the hotel room, I take off my cloths, put Bubu in the bath tube and spend him a good shower. The strange thing is, outside he’s looking for every pond and couldn’t get enough, but at home he hates to get wet and you have to a fight for every paw.


An afternoon hike – part 3

Posted on Dezember 3rd, 2015

Now, after we reached the highest point, Bubu was taking a bath.
We reached a hut and sit down for a small snack and something to drink. Bubu could also drink some fresh water from a hose behind the hut. A few moments later and a few steps further, doggy found his bath tube.
As I told you yesterday, the ground was very muddy. What do you think was the condition of the ground of this large puddle?
Right, it was horrible, how much dirt can stick on such a small dog! See tomorrow the whole mess!


An afternoon hike – part 2

Posted on Dezember 2nd, 2015

And we are still walking upwards and enjoying the landscape.
Because of the rain from the day before, the trail was really muddy. I was walking more beside the trail on the grass. Every deep hole from cow hoofs are filled with water.
On our way to this point has my small dog Bubu some problems. He is always attracting young cows on our daily walks. They are running across the meadows until they reached the fence and watching their small fellow.
But this time are the cows and Bubu on the same side of the fence, so they were coming straight to Bubu and he was always on the run. Good for him, he was fast enough to make large bows around all the cows running to him.


An afternoon hike – part 1

Posted on Dezember 1st, 2015

You can’t trust it the weather, after a rainy saturday comes a sunny sunday.
And so I had no other choice to go for a hike. I grabed my dog and persuaded my brother in law to come with us and we started for small four hour hike with about 500m altitude.
After a while we reached the top of the first hill, I looked back from where we came from. You can see the road and the parking lot. On the other side is the Wartherhorn, which is still covered with clouds, like any other mountains around us. Therefore it was no option to climb a mountain, if I can’t take any images…


Bad weather again

Posted on November 25th, 2015

The third visit in Austria and again, the fat rain clouds are still following me.
On the second day, we had rain at most of the day. This short pause I used to go with Bubu. You can see our hotel on the other side of the valley. And the mountain behind it, the one with the clouds around the peak, is the Wartherhorn and behind it, there is the Karhorn, with a via ferrata. But with this weather it’s probably not the best idea to climb it.
But this time, we planned a trick to fool the weather. We stay until monday, because on all other weekends we booked, the weather cleared up on sunday when we left. And I can already betray you, it has worked :)


Flowers high up on the mountains

Posted on November 23rd, 2015

After my arriving in Austria, Bubu has to go for a pee.
So I took em and lift him on the chairlift and drove with the very last chair up to the top. Therefore was no chance to ride back to the valley and we had to walk down. Short after we left our chairlift I saw this nice blue flowers with the amazing view to the mountains in the back and I took my small Sony and shoot this image.
Meanwhile has my friend Bubu has other things in his little head. I heared some birds whistling and thought okay, they are high in the air, because I couldn’t find them. And then I saw the naughty dog sniffing and snooping nervously around. And zack, he runs away.
What Bubu likes, on all our walks, is digging for mice. So what can I say, all around us on the hill, I could find this mountain rats, also called marmots. Bubu was in the element, he doesn’t found only holes he could see, hear and smell all this big mice.
Okay, bubu is not the fastest hunter nor does he have any strategic sense and way before he reached a marmot, it was gone and hidden in the hole. I only hoped, bubu will not bite by a marmot because he stuck his nose so deep in the holes.
After a while, I runned behind this silly dog, shouting angry after him, I could catch em and for the rest of the walk he has to stay ‘online’ :)