A long way to go – part 10

Posted on Januar 9th, 2016

Yeehaaa! The sun is here!
After a long night and a steep hike, here is my reward. Slowly was the sun coming up between two peaks. It’s always an impressive feeling to see how beautiful a sunrise can be. Especially in the mountains, where the sunrays are fingering around the peeks and between the valleys.
Finally I get my peak shot and the weekend was saved :) Okay, it’s not the only good thing of this weekend but it was my personal highlight.


A long way to go – part 9

Posted on Januar 6th, 2016

I couldn’t resist…
to show another image before the sun rises. It shows the region I was walking the last afternoon. I like the colors before sun rises and the red clouds. I know it’s a bit corny but I like it anyway :)
I promise the next image will show the sun at the horizon.


A long way to go – part 8

Posted on Januar 2nd, 2016

Way enough time, before the sun says hello!
After the last image, there must be clear, that somewhere is a red lightsource. E voilà, here it is! A wonderfull cloudfree sky with all the red tones of a strong sunrise on the top of a mountain.
The tallest mountain on the right side is called Bieberkopf. The peak marks the border to Germany and if you climbed up and stand on the top, you can plant one foot on Germany and the other on Austria and shout out loud: “Ozapft is!”
But let us simply enjoy the sunrise and wait for the sun.


A long way to go – part 7

Posted on Dezember 31st, 2015

At last on the top!
And enough time til the sunrise, to make some photos in other directions. This picture was taken to the south, where you can see the village of Lech. And no, this is not the sun in the sky. I’m still waiting for the sunrise and I’m doing this not during high noon.
By the way, the big mountain you can see in the image, is the Karhorn, which I wanted to climb but once more the weather doesn’t want it too.



A long way to go – part 6

Posted on Dezember 28th, 2015

I was wrong, there are still some stars visible in the sky.
Time to look back, where I came from. It was steep and the sun is slowly crawling to the horizon, but at the moment we can only see the shadows of the glow before the sunrise or we wouldn’t see any stars.
Although the trail was steep, the steepest part will begin at this position until the top to the peak. At the border of the Wartherhorn on the right side, you can see the top station of the chairlift, where I took my first shot of this night.


A long way to go – part 4

Posted on Dezember 21st, 2015

Hurry up, the sun is coming!
Uh oh, what can the camera see there at the horizon? Is there already the first morning glow visible? It seems I had to walk a good part faster or I will miss the sunrise once more.
But beside the timing problems, it’s nice how the moon is illuminating the landscape. The peak that you can see at the edge of the Wartherhorn is the same mountain you saw on the first image of this tour and it’s called Bieberkopf and it has nothing to do with the youngster who’s trying to stay famous.


The delayed sunrise

Posted on Juni 14th, 2015

To the end of my Gantrisch excursion, the sunrise.
With a bit of delay, because of the big, fat cloud at the horizon, I could see the sun rising in the sky. Although I missed the red light, was the waiting time not for nothing, in my opinion.
You can see the Emmental and while I am allready enjoy the warming sunlight, the valleys were still lying in the shadow of the big, fat cloud. But I think at this time on a sunday morning, the most people are anyway still lying in their beds.
And after I was back at home and the other peoples are crawling out of their beds, I took a nap under my blanket.


Early morning

Posted on Juni 7th, 2015

It’s much more interesting, if the the sunlight comes vertically.
If you want to shoot alpine images, the best time is early in the morning. You will see a lot more details and structures with the shadows from a deep standing sun. The ground looks a lot more structured and you can see all the waves on the meadows.
Another option is to go in the evening, before the sun touches the horizon. It depends on the the direction and this side of the mountains is better for morning shots and the other site is maybe better for evening shots. Check this on a map, before you plan your photo tour. The good thing on the morning is also, there are nearly no peoples on the images, because all the lazy tourists are still sleeping in their comfortable hotel rooms.


The work of man

Posted on Juni 3rd, 2015

After the man at work, today the work of the man.
Last time you saw Tom Fear at work, but what was worth it, to take a photograph? The view over the whole Emmental from the top of the Gurnigelpass. As you can see, if you take a closer look, the lights in the villages are still burning. It was early in the morning as the first light was visible on the eastern horizon. Meanwhile I still could see stars at the opposite sky.
Keep always in you mind, if you want to take starscape images, two hours before the sun rises at the horizon, the sky gets bright and the stars disappears, so you should be at your photo spot at least two hours before sunrise.


Man at work

Posted on Juni 1st, 2015

The weather was only for a few hours good to go and I used it.
It was cloudy on friday and it was cloudy on saturday too, but I heard the clouds should disappear in the middle of the night and come back during the sunday morning. What should I do under this conditions? Right, set the alarm in the middle of the night. Hop into the car, drive up to the mountains. Put on the hiking shoes on and walk up to the hill.
The condition was not optimal and I couldn’t see the ‘Alpenglühn’ but good enough for some nice images. First I could shoot some starscapes and then cames the dawn, followed by the blue hour. Only a nice red sky was missing, because there was a thick, fat cloud at the horizon directly in front of the rising sun.
But take this image in advance of a few interesting images in the next days.