Hiking weather in sight

Posted on April 21st, 2015

Before you get some dreamy alpine images, you have to hike to the photo spot.
It was a nice, warm spring day when I was walking to the Rotenfluh and I could still use the snow shoes. I like to walk with my snow shoes through the white mountain landscape.
Okay, I had the snow shows mount and unmount several times because not every part was still snow covert. But I was really pleased that I had my snow shoes with me. The snow was already wet and grainy and without my feet extensions I was always sliding on the ground. But what could be more nice as an awesome sunset in spring with green grass and snow together? Pure nature!


Blue hour between the mountains

Posted on März 24th, 2015

Yes, the color blue is the main color in the winter time.
So the illuminated hut is the real eye candy on this image. Even in such a beautiful winter wonderland can a bit of tungsten light a most welcome piece of variety be.
While the people inside this hut enjoyed their fondues and warmed up their feet, I just started to my nightly adventure up to the ‘Grosse Scheidegg’ where I enjoyed a wonderful view over the whole valley of Grindelwald. But let us first savor this image of a real blue hour…


Sunset in Lucerne

Posted on März 22nd, 2015

If you are visiting Lucerne why not shooting some images during the sunset and dusk?
So I did it, I wanted the blue hour for the best light with a blue sky and the already turned on yellow lamps. But on my search for the best location, I had to stop for a quick image from the sunset with the purple sky.
If you are visiting a city, you should go for a photo walk during the blue hour. And you know, there are always two blue hours each day. One in the evening and one at the morning. So you have two chances to get fabulous photos with amazing light.


Two buddies

Posted on März 16th, 2015

This two guys have chosen the best place to see all the amazing sunsets.
May I present you Bert and Hobo, where Hobo is the bushy one. Okay, everytime when I drive by I see these two dudes, standing there, enjoying the fresh air and the stunning spectacles of all the amazing sunsets. They are doing nothing else, as standing there talking about the weather and watching the sunsets, or whatever trees are talking about.
What do you mean, why they are not watching the sunrises? How should I know that? Sunrises are happening in the middle of the night, when I am sleeping! Anyway, I can’t understand, why sunrises has to be mistimed when normal photographers are sleeping.


Fire and ice

Posted on März 10th, 2015

The sky was burning above the mighty glacier on the mountains and the cold melt water reaches my feet.
It was after the accident with the snowskids, when I thought I already missed the amazing sunset. But then I could take some last impressions of the amazing evening sky at this day. The creek in the foreground is the melt water of the large glacier in the background. It may looks not that big and okay, it is not so big like the giant glaciers on Iceland, but it is still impressive large. The name is Rosenlauigletscher and one day I will walk over the glaciers I had seen yet only from the far distance.


Alpine glow

Posted on März 3rd, 2015

The sun sets, the moon rises and the mountains glows, in the winter wonderland.
After a three hour hike with Bubu the dog, we reached our starting point right on the time to see the alpine glow. It was an amazing walk through the deep snow, lonely with my dog.
Here in this valley is no winter sport available. You can only hike with snow shoes or touring skies, but there are no ski lifts. And therefore you can enjoy a very silent nature were you hear only your footsteps in the snow and some barks from the impatient dog, who has to wait for his slow human. And you know what’s the best? Bubu was not running away from the trail, because the snow was too deep for him :)


The cherry tree

Posted on Februar 18th, 2015

Are you boring about the dull winter weather? Don’t be sad, soon it’s spring again!
In a month is it spring time, calendar spring time. The weather spring will maybe wait a bit longer, we will see. Meantime you can enjoy this blooming cherry tree from the last spring. I love this image with all the white blossoms which are red lighted by the deep standing sun, short before the sun is setting.
But enough about the spring, for me I don’t have enough snow seen this year and I hope I can go for some alpine tours with my snow shoes and bring back a lot images of the beautiful white mountains.


Panorama view in the Emmental

Posted on Februar 12th, 2015

The golden hour is coming to an end and the mountains become a golden crown.
I insist to go for a doggy walk not only around the corner, but for a more interesting walk with a sightseeing. So we decided to go to the Moosegg. What exactly the right place was to see a beautiful autumn. With all the warm light during the golden hour. It was also a good place to see the whole Bernese alpine panorama and because of the early snowfall a few days ago, we had this awesome sight to the snowy white mountains.
But my little furry friend had no eyes for the beauty of nature. The only thing he was interested in, was his ball.


At the pond

Posted on Februar 2nd, 2015

If you look out of your window and you see a red sky on the eastern sky while the sun is setting…
…then you know, you have to snap your camera and run! And I was fast enough up at the edge of the forest to get some amazing shots of a burning sky.
Mostly I’m too slow or the fireworks ends to fast, but this time I catched the light. Too late to see the sun setting but fast enough for a stunning blue hour.


Fog and clouds

Posted on Januar 14th, 2015

The whole day was dull in mist and at the end when the fog was lighten up, there were also clouds in the sky.
It was a boring winter day without light and it was cold and I couldn’t see the sun. Even at the end there was this tree directly between me and the sun. There are days without light and colors only gloomy sadness… what do you mean? This is a colorful winter image? Hmm, now after you said, I can see it too :)